Yellow teeth can cost you your confidence and willingness to smile every day. According to the many studies showed that 71% of women judge a man based on his teeth. Whitening your teeth is something that has become more accepted. Here are some tips for whiter teeth.

Coconut Oil

One of the best solutions for whiter teeth and helps to get rid of the gums. Many scientists say that Ayurvedic practice became very popular. Take a tablespoon of pure coconut oil and swish the oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes. After that brush your teeth as normal.

Banana Rub

Many dentists recommended that Banana rub for whiter teeth. It will work on your yellow teeth. One of the healthiest ways to get whiter teeth. Take a slices banana piece and rub it around your teeth for 2 minutes. If you want better results, you can do it regularly.

Green Tea After each Meal

Plaque is the sticky, colorless film of bacteria that forms on teeth. In turn, the plaque produces acids that break the teeth. To reduce the plate, drink green tea after each meal. According to studies at the University of Rochester, green tea substances prevent bacteria from sticking to their teeth.

Wash your Teeth with Strawberries

Would you like to have your teeth whiter? Mix a large strawberry and ripen with bicarbonate and make a thick paste. Then rub with this paste on your teeth for three minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly. “Strawberry contains malic acid, a natural bleaching agent, which is even more powerful when combined with a soft abrasive such as sodium bicarbonate,” says Mark Breiner, a dental practitioner, author of “Whole-Body Dentistry”.

Dairy Products

According to Japanese researchers, two to three servings a day of cheese, milk or yogurt, halve the risk of developing gum disease. In addition, calcium helps strengthen teeth and gums, as they do with the bones.

Fruits and Vegetables

Carrots, apples, cucumbers, nuts, seeds. These will help you remove bacteria and stains from your teeth as you chew. Also, fresh pineapple juice contains a substance that bleaches the teeth naturally, dissolving the plaque.

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