Colon cancer most common cancer in the United States. Healthy diet and nutrition helps to prevent colon cancer. High fat consumption is linked to the risk of colon cancer. Many cancer cases still curable if found at an early stage. Here are the best foods and nutrients that helps prevent colon cancer.


Widely used in Indian dishes, this spice contains curcumin, a compound which gives its yellow color and it is considered as one of the best anticancer agent. It fights against inflammation, that linked to the development of tumors, can damage cellular DNA. Many studies found that the spice helps curb the development and spread of cancer cells. Use turmeric as often as possible in the kitchen. Helpful hint: the results of some studies indicate that commercial curry powders does not necessarily contain a lot of turmeric. Therefore, the use of pure turmeric to your curry.

Fish and Chicken

Many studies found that link between red meat consumption and colon cancer, Doctor’s recommended that try limit the intake of red meat, it is the best way to turn fish and chicken as a source of animal protein. That the consumption of 300 g of fish (two to three servings) per week reduced by 30% risk of breast cancer compared to who don’t eat fish. Eat more fish, eat less meat. Moreover, it is an oily fish like salmon or mackerel, that contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps to reduce intestinal inflammation. Without love the fish, take the chicken. Unlike red meat, poultry that does not promote the development of colon cancer.


It is very popular and one of the best diet that helps to combat cancer, It is very rich in   whole-grain cereals and breads, prunes, berries,.

Garlic and Onion

Both these vegetables contain huge amount of sulfides, These substances also help block carcinogens. According to the Women’s Health Study conducted in Iowa, women who consumed one or two cloves of garlic they have a lower risk of colon cancer(32%). A few cloves of garlic and a few servings of ½ cup onion week.

Black and Green Tea

According to the National Cancer Institute green tea contains a group of antioxidants that includes EGCG. That helps to fight against anti-cancer compounds. Reduced risk of breast, ovarian, colon cancer, According to the study conducted in 35 000 women s from the Women’s Health study of Iowa, it was found that those who consumed two or more cups of tea they have the 30% lower risk of colon cancer. Note that, although the study participants drank mainly black tea, green tea is even richer in catechins.

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