The meeting room of your office is as important as any other section in your workplace, so it’s worth considering how to get the most from it. All the important meetings that lead to valuable decisions for the company are conducted here and at times, the room is also used to have discussions with clients, which is why it has to be very attractive and properly designed.

To maintain concentration of the employees while working or to have a discussion on something crucial, it is good to keep this space fresh, clean and inspiring.

Now is the time for you to decide whether your meeting room has all the necessary things needed to grab the attention of your clients or if not, you need to decide how it needs to be renovated.

If it needs an update, then design it in such a way that it leaves an impression on your clients and visitors.

Here are 5 ideas to help you be more creative and come up with various options to add charm and a hint of class in your conference room.

1. Cosy and Comfortable – No matter who is sitting with you in the meeting room (be it your client or staff member), it’s vital to ensure that the room is comfortable enough as it is essential for long and meaningful meetings. To increase the comfort, you can set up soft and cosy chairs and a big table as per the size of the room.

You can keep the room temperature at normal so that it would not cause any hassle during the meeting. Light is another thing to be taken into consideration. Always try to keep the room properly lit to avoid disturbance during video calls.

2. Modern and Stylish – You can give a modern and stylish look to your meeting room without spending a lot.  Good colour combination for the walls would surely work wonders plus you can also add some appealing artefacts on it to enhance the look. Having a big screen on the front wall, which is easily accessible from the centre of the conference table, is also important.   

To add a bit of zing to the room, you can try some artwork and antique pieces with elegant style and colour. Paintings on the wall with inspirational and motivational message are good from both perspectives – they keep your staff motivated and enhance the look of the room as well.   

3. Attractive and Economical – Designing a meeting room to perfection is not a big deal when you have tons of money to spend. The main thing is to make sure that your conference room looks stunning that too within your budget. Decorating the room with expensive knick knacks is not the only option to make it look attractive; you can go for other affordable, yet appealing options as well. For example hanging fluorescent light could be a good choice. It lightens your office as well as makes your room look stylish. Some other decorative accessories like a designer vase on the table or a beautiful wall clock can also add beauty to the room.

4. Clean and Arranged – A clean and clutter free room always makes you feel happy and you’re able to work with an open mind. To make your meeting area look well arranged and organised, you can use some simple and elegant drawers to hide away all the office materials like files, notepad, pen and other things when not needed. It will not only give a simple look to your office, but also see to it that all the things are is in their place so that you can use them whenever you want to.

Keeping your conference room simple and neat is very important as it reflects the original beauty as well as makes you feel better when entering in it.

5. Luxurious and Classic – You can give a classic and luxurious look to your office with few things. To make your conference room look airy, big and bright use of sliding door is the best option and often preferred over wooden doors. Using these doors can help you save space near the entrance offering people enough space to walk and it wouldn’t look congested. Also the glass of the door allows natural light to enter in the room.

Remember whatever items or accessories you use for renovating, they should be of good quality. It will save your time as well as money. Use of inferior material might make you feel as if you’re saving a lot, but later you may have to spend a lot more than what you would’ve expected on repairing the same.

Your motto behind remodelling is to make it more attractive. So, keep that in mind and make plans accordingly!

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