Boutique hotels are mainly defined as the best lodging hotels in the region of a different sophisticated designs and styles. These hotels are formed in the frame of exact comfort and convenience for the people spending their time in the hotels for their vacation. The main features of boutique hotels are considered as best architectures and designs, different sophisticated services, attracting with the target markets and designations with high brand image.

Geneva is a city, where you can easily find all signs of luxurious lifestyle almost anywhere. So, boutique hotels are really common here. You can find some of the greatest boutique hotels to stay while visiting Geneva in the list below:

Hotel D’ Angleterre

hotel d'angleterre

Originally established Copenhagen in the year 1755, this hotel network offers you modest restaurant facilities, which is open for young couples, families etc. Today, Hotel D’ Angleterre is one a leading hotels of Geneva.  This hotel is constructed within the neo classic palace appearances in the market. Fast Wi-Fi connections are availed in the hotel premises. This also includes newly design rooms for the better experience of the customers.

La Cour des Augustins Boutique hotel

Mont-de-Marsan, Landes: à l'étage de la préfecture, salle Duplantier, ancienne salle du Coneil Général installée dans la salle de bal

Another extremely popular boutique hotel. La Cour des Augustins is a four-star hotel, set of different hypo-allergenic beds in the hotel rooms. Here you can find the facilities for entertainment, based on the television, satellite services and movies-on-demand. The hotel network includes 130,000 branches worldwide. Various facilities of well-furnished outlets and structure make this hotel most attractive and famous in Geneva.

Parc des Eaux-Vives

Restaurant Hôtel du Parc des Eaux-Vives, brasserie

Parc des Eaux-Vives has a relatively big area of around 45.000 square meters. It is said as one of the most popular hotels in Geneva since 18th century. The hotel offers the restaurant services (pretty decent) and is considered as one of the tourist attractions in Geneva. Stunning interior and exterior designs make this hotel look more like a modern royal residence than a boutique hotel.

Hotel les Armures

Geneva old city-Hotel les Armures-3

Hotel les Armures is a glorious hotel to be found near Jardin Anglais in Geneva. This hotel includes the formation of different historic structures. The hotel facility is running since 17th century. Being the architectural monument itself, it offers surprisingly modern interior design in its apartments and hall. The hotel territory has a very big lawn and maintains the boutique structure within it.

Eastwest Hotel

Eastwest Hotel, Geneva

Like any other boutique hotels from this list, Eastwest hotel offers the luxurious rooms and hotel services of highest possible level with the attention for all the customer’s needs. The hotel is situated in ta perfect area of the city with a stunning lake view. Patios of open air with stylish designs are maintained in within the hotel mansion. This hotel is said as one of the most luxurious and heritage hotels in Geneva. This hotel is considered as one of the most expensive in Geneva. However, it’s designs and perfect service could easily help you escape from thinking that you overpaid for your apartment.


The boutique hotels are considerable as very big and luxurious in the accumulation of historic heritage in it. Geneva is definitely a great, beautiful city. Nevertheless, enjoying it to the fullest, could cost you a fortune. Even public transport is expensive here. In case you are visiting this city on your vacation or having a business trip, I would recommend hiring a car in Geneva – it is relatively cheap, especially when you order a vehicle in advance.

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