We have all come across managers who in their over-zealous attempt to fool proof projects and satisfy clients, have made promises that would eventually land them and the project in a soup. From over committing to micromanaging, there are some decisions, though not immediately apparent, later get labelled as crazy PM ideas. By undertaking this modern corporate training, you’ll be able to overcome that. You may think that you are not one of those PM’s who makes crazy promises. But once you are in the turf, its very easy to get waylaid. So as per my best knowledge, you should take on PMP Certification Training in Chennai and avoid these 5 promises if you don’t want to be the PM everyone grumbles about near the coffee machine.

  1. Promises to offer the heaven—Of course, as a project manager, you must ensure that the customer is always happy and gets all the requirements asked for.  But promising too much without checking with your technical team is a sure recipe for disaster. The team members will be overworked, will lose motivation and you will end up with an incomplete product which is far below desired quality.
  1. Promises to complete project earlier than expected—In the process of doing this, you would be rushing the design process, even at times changing it for some premature results. This will seriously constrict your engineers and you’ll end up with a bad product.
  1. Promises to deliver at lower than expected cost—In large projects, scope creep is bound to happen. This may be due to clients who want additional requirements or the designers or testers who want to add their favourite functionalities. Whatever the case, PM’s should always plan for additional costs and not promise to deliver for lesser.
  1. Promises to deliver a defect less project—This could be a PM’s ultimate utopia, but its not always possible, especially in volatile, multi-faceted projects. To promise this to the client, you should better enrol for CSM Course in Hyderabad.
  1. Promises to not overburden the team—Try as you might, you cannot make everyone happy. In a tight, schedule-bound project, you and your team mates have to put in late nights and go the extra mile to successfully execute the project.

While you might think of yourself as a genie, be careful of the promises you make, lest they come back to haunt you as crazy PM ideas.