If you are thinking about buying a MacBook, then you have estimated the cost and would aware that the cost is way more than other laptops. But MacBook or Mac Desktop provides you with more numbers of facilities than any other laptops.

If are confused in taking decision for buying best MacBook or Mac Desktop, here I am pointing out some pros and cons:

Apple Laptops:

Apple laptops or we can say MacBook are very famous for students as well as professionals because of the portability and flexibility.  But here also the question is the same, what should I buy? Apple Laptops has 3 different versions. Let’s read about them:


MacBook is the first laptop model introduced by Apple. MacBook is one of the most popular Apple Product. MacBook is offering one size 12 inches diagonal. This comes at 2304*1440 16:10 aspect ratio displays at 226 pixels ppi. This is known as Retina display which means that you don’t see pixels from normal viewing distance; it looks like you are looking out of the window. It has a slim built and very light in weight with 480 p webcam.

MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro or Macintosh Portable laptops are introduced in 2006. MacBook Pro are the more expensive Apple laptops. It comes in two sizes 13-inch which has 2560*1600 16:10 display at 227 ppi and 15-inch with 2880*1800 16:10 display at 220 ppi. They are Retina similar to MacBook. The current version of MacBook Pro also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut and other technologies which provide brighter reds, deeper greens, and darker blacks. It comes with powerful speakers, fastest processors, and 720 p webcam. This Apple product is best for professionals and artist who want high-resolution retina display for pictures, projects, movies, or presentation.

MacBook Air:

MacBook Air is the most affordable and long lasting Apple laptop. It only comes in 13-inch size which has 1440*900 16:10 display at 128 ppi. It does not have a high-definition Retina display, which means you can see pixels on the screen. But it has a 720 p webcam. It provides a good battery life. MacBook Air is the best choice for students who want long battery life at less cost.

Apple Desktop:

Apple desktop or Macintosh desktop computers are manufactured by Apple Inc in 1998.Find Apple technician for Laptop Repair in Gurgaon to get better service & support for apple laptops. But unlike Apple Laptops they desktops are not suitable for traveling.


iMac comes in different sizes and capabilities. Most of the iMac are powerful than Mac Mini. But the iMac is not as powerful as iMac Pro. The enter-level iMac offers similar features as Mac Mini. If you want Apple Desktop for gaming then iMac is a perfect choice.

Mac Mini:

Mac Mini is the best choice for home users which can be used for basic functions like internet surfing and creating documents. It is not as strong as other Desktops. It is good for the person who does want a powerful device.

Mac Pro:

This is the ace of all Apple devices. This is known as a powerhouse. This is the most expensive Apple desktop. If you want a powerful desktop for your work, then Mac Pro is the right choice.

So these are some features of Apple laptops and desktops. Contact Apple Customer Service Number for more detailed information. What is your favorite Apple product; share your views on the comment section.

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