Are you looking for a window treatment that has more to offer regarding practical advantages aside from successfully warding off heat and rain? If so then you might wish to consider investing in an excellent set of roller shutters. These shutters offer advantages that are sorely missing in most other window treatments in the market.

Getting Roller Shutters In Sydney For Noise Reduction

One such benefit is sound reduction; do roller shutters block out sound? Definitely and they do it quite well in truth. How is this so?

How do roller shutters reduce noise?

Aluminium roller shutters, in particular, have the potential to reduce noise outdoors by approximately 75 percent according to reputable shutter manufacturers like “Inwood Blinds and Shutters”. The outcome is that indoor space tend to be a lot quieter making it that a lot easier to focus and remove yourself from the noise simply outside your home. The general rule is that the thicker your roller shutter, the better it is at staving off outside noise.

Of course, the figure mentioned above just represents the sound that travels through the screen. It cannot do anything about noise entering your home through other means. If you are genuinely concerned about sound reduction, you would want to carefully examine your home for any spaces that would enable noise to pass through unhindered. Sound-proof your home using a silicone sealant in walls, the head box and comparable locations around your house.

Getting Roller Shutters In Sydney For Noise Reduction

Roller shutters for added privacy and protection

Apart from noise reduction, roller shutters can also serve as an added security measure. As a matter of fact, many choose to get these shutters for precisely that reason. Aluminium roller shutters, for example, are extremely hard; resilient enough to endure storms. Such durability also makes it a formidable deterrent against theft and trespassers that often choose more vulnerable targets for their criminal activity.

Cost of roller shutters

Now that we have dealt with a couple of substantial advantages of getting aluminium roller shutters, you might be wondering just how much do roller shutters cost? Well, that depends on several elements such as the size of the doors and windows that you plan to fit them into your home. To offer you an idea though, a roller shutter that is 1600mm x 1200mm in size normally costs around $700. Quite expensive as window treatments go although many people would agree that it is well worth it considering the advantages roller shutters have to offer.

Getting Roller Shutters In Sydney For Noise Reduction

Find out more about roller shutters as an excellent choice in window treatments by checking out websites like They ought to be able to tell you more about what a good set of roller shutters can do for you and how well it fits your needs and preferences.