Brass parts are sturdy yet require maintenance. If you ignore your brass products for long time, they will develop a greasy layer on the surface. Manufacturers of brass connectors India understand the importance of maintaining brass products and thus, they bring some cool tips for cleaning brass.

But before starting the cleaning process, you have to determine if it is lacquered or genuine brass product. If the brass is not lacquered, it will tarnish with age and doesn’t have the clear finish coat on the surface. However, lacquered product doesn’t tarnish and have a clear coat on the surface.

Vinegar and Other Natural Cleaners Are Good For Brass Components

Once you determine the genuine brass component, you can start following these tips for cleaning them-

White vinegar for cleaning brass

You can take 2 parts of white vinegar, ¼ part salt, and 2 parts of water. Make a mixture and soak your brass nuts, connectors, fasteners, and structures in a boiling solution of the mixture. You should note that if your brass structure is having embellishments, it is unsuitable for this cleaning method. Vinegar and salt will destroy the shine of embellished stones and will make your décor piece ugly.

For embellished structures, you can take a soft cotton rag and clean the surface first. Damp the clean cotton rag into water and soap based mixture and clean the surface again.

What to do if the product is lacquered?

You only need to clean a lacquered brass if you find smudged surface. This can be done by simple mixing water and dish soap. Make sure you use warm water that will clean all grease from the surface.

You can also try lemon to clean lacquered brass. Lemon will remove dirt and grease within seconds and you will get a shiny brass product back.

Because you have to protect lacquered brass from moisture, we advise you not to use too much of water to clean the dirty surface. Just wiping with soapy water will do the job.

Do you know other methods to clean brass products?

Let everyone knows about it. Share your brass cleaning tips with other readers through comments. For any professional assistance, you can anytime get in touch with manufacturers and suppliers of brass connectors India. They will give you best tips for maintaining brass finish in prime way.

For more details, kindly contact the professionals soon. We will appreciate if you feedback this story.

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