If you are new to the SEO field, then there is lots of research to make to get good keywords, handling good and Genuine Content, even if you had course regarding SEO there is so much to know, because SEO became the Key source to many top Companies. You won’t get easily hired by any companies unless you have good practice on some of your own blogs and websites.

When coming to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, there are all different ways to do SEO. Not only Social websites also Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. the results of SEO in social sites and search engines is Driving traffic to your sites.

Maybe it’s little confused to get ranked fast in social websites, but it is really easy when it comes to search engines. The thing is only your efforts, adding Good contents, and proper SEO.

How it SEO Works with Search Engines

It is not that your page will get ranked fast, and also it is not difficult to get ranked fast with search engines. When it comes to your content it should be all new also genuine content, the old days are gone like copy and pasting other articles, content to your blog or websites.

The work of search engine is to provide the exact stuff what actually the people are searching for, unless you have proper content to post and proper keywords as per people search then it is hard get ranked in search engine.

Keywords and Description Suitable to the Content

Common mistake SEO consultants or personally do is, they refer or copy the description and keywords from other top websites which is actually not suitable to the content you have.

You no need to search for keywords anywhere, it’s all in your content or title, it’s also good if you search good keywords related to your content. There are many tools to get the proper keywords related to your content. Practice is the most important to get successes in SEO, you may not learn more in your office or company where you get Hired.

There are many Blogs, and social sites like Facebook, Twitter also YouTube instead your playing and viewing stuff make some experiment. The best practice you can do with YouTube uploading videos, and BlogSpot to upload articles. These platforms will not only helps you to learn about SEO, if you are good and gained successes you can also earn sitting at home.