Law that is business based has everything to do with setting up a business or the legal problems faced by any already functional business as it develops a level of interaction with ‘the government’, ‘the public’ and its competitors. There are several disciplines which fall under this aspect of law which is inclusive of ‘intellectual property’, ‘tax law’, employment law’, ‘real estate’, ‘bankruptcy’, ‘sales’, etc. normally, a ‘business law’ based attorney functions on ‘transactional work’ basis in which they do not have to act as representative of clients in the courtroom. On the contrary, such attorneys are specially hired to prevent the issue of litigation in the future.

How Legal Aid Can Help You With Your Business

It Pays to Hire a Lawyer for Sorting out Business Related Mess

In order to get a better picture of how ‘business law’ integrates with the ‘legal system’ one must take ‘business’ to be completely different from ‘employees’ and ‘owners’. ‘Business entities’ are considered to be on the same level as that a normal citizen who needs to be law-abiding, adhering to the various laws for giving everyone a ‘fair chance’ to reach the top in a given market.

Any functional ‘business law’ can lead to wholesome economic profit with effective legal transactions. As an example it can be said that X supplies products on ‘credit to Y according to an agreement signed by them on legal payment terms. These terms conform to the “Universal Commercial Code”. If the payment is not made by Y on time then X can always resort to legal help to get back his money.

How Business is formed and what are the Internal Agreements made?

It is absolutely necessary for a newly establishing company to ensure that all its legal requirements are fulfilled at the very beginning by complying with all that the law has to say. It is the job of ‘business lawyers’ to establish new enterprise for existing clients by completing all the legal formalities with the “Secretary of State”. Many clients also look for help while picking out the type for their new endeavor.

The types of entities that business is categorized into include ‘limited liability companies (LLCs)’,’partnerships’, ‘corporations’, etc. Now, almost all the categories have the potential to customize according to the particular company’s requirements.

Although, the purposes of setting up such business enterprises based on a particular type can be many, the most important remains the protection of owner from ‘individual liability’. If you unknowingly start a business without the ability to offer ‘limited liability’ will imply that the actual owners will have to give their ‘personal assets’ at the discretion of the creditors. If you ,as an entrepreneur, take legal help when you start establishing your business, such risky situations can be averted.

Attorneys based on ‘business law’ have the ability and power to draft out ‘internal agreements’ for controlling the management of any new business entity. Take LLC ‘operating’ agreement as an example as proper drafting of the document will enable the owners to either profit or lose out through important ‘business’ related decisions as well as transference of ‘rights’.

Explaining ‘Complex’ Transactions:

There are a number of ‘commercial transactions’ which business entrepreneurs can deal with single-handedly. However, there are many that are complicated enough for the business entrepreneurs to require legal advice as these areas centre around law based issues like ‘e-commerce’ or ‘securities regulation’. The industries which are heavily-regulated, the owners need to recruit attorneys or make ‘in-house’ arrangement to learn about how the most updated ‘legal step’ can positively affect their organizations.

There are times when highly placed business entrepreneurs fail to solve an issue due to ‘emotional issues’. The plus point of hiring an attorney is that you not only get the necessary legal assistance owing to their training, but you also get a totally objective analysis of the issue. This gives them the upper hand in finding those areas that have been overlooked by highly-emotional staff or owner.

Litigation Averting Measures:

To designate ‘business law’ a specific field, you would need to find out as and when the problems initiate. With the help of ‘business law’ any business organization is provided those set of rules and regulations that will prevent them from getting involved in any form of ‘dispute’. The attorneys also are familiar with the issues that can sprout at any time and are careful in making the transaction as ‘litigation-less’ as possible for the business organization. Such ‘legal maneuvering’ plays a huge role in preventing large amount of unnecessary financial losses for the organization.


Without proper legal ‘advice’, you will not be able to either start a new business or effectively operate the one existing. Highly efficient attorneys work on all issues ranging from easy agreements or mergers to the complicated processes of acquiring companies that are publicly traded. It is best to seek consultation from a reputed ‘business law’ based firm as soon as you can.

Author’s Bio: Alice Aires is an expert on law. She has been contributing several articles over the years on the legal aspect of various fields of operations such as business. She also writes on laws practiced in different parts of the world including phuket lawyer.

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