In this article we’re going to share with you three tips on how to find the best espresso machine that costs less than $100. At this price point, it is a little tough to find a great product, but we’ll show you the things to look for that will ensure you get a great device.

3 Tips For Finding The Best Espresso Machine Under $100

Enjoying espresso made at home is not that hard to do and once you have a unit that can do this for you, it will save you countless trips to the coffee shop. Being able to sip on an espresso at your command while at home is a great experience that is hard to pass up!

Here are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for the best espresso machine that costs under $100 to buy.

Is it a Pod Device or Not?

In the world of espresso makers there are two types of machines

  1. A pod machine
  2. A coffee grounds machine

The difference between the two is striking and is imperative for you to decide which type you want before making a purchase. A pod machine works by using capsules that contain pre-ground coffee. All you do is pop the capsule into the tray in the machine, close the top and push the button to brew your drink. This is super easy to do and requires no preparation or clean up. However, you are stuck with only being able to use the blends and varieties offered in capsule form. And, you cannot control any aspect of the brewing process.

A coffee grounds machine uses finely grinded coffee beans that you then compress into a puck into a tamper that then gets locked into the device. With this type of machine you have to pre-grind the beans yourself, pack them into the tamper and put it into the machine. While it is not that labor intensive, you do need to own a bean grinder. Also, cleanup is a lot messier since you have to clean the tamper after each use.

Is it Steam or Pump Driven?

When espresso machines were first developed they used a steaming mechanism to brew the coffee. Today, we now use a pump driven process to produce the strongest tasting espresso. Usually the cheaper machines operate on a steam driven mechanism because it is old technology. When looking for an espresso maker, be sure to get one that says “pump driven” on it. This is the current technology that will create a rich, frothy, crema topping on our espresso drinks. A full detail of how the technology has changes is available at website.

Does it Froth Milk?

Not all espresso machines are created alike and that especially goes for the inclusion of a milk frothing wand. At cheaper prices many brands remove this essential feature to save on costs. However, you want to buy an espresso machine that has this function because it allows you to steam milk for the use of making lattes and cappuccinos. It is easy to use and just requires you to stick it into a cup of milk, hit a button and wait for the milk to froth up. Make sure you get a product that includes this feature.

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