For a country like Dubai, winters are a myth. There are bit colder nights but hot days. However, the charm of winter inspires anyone to have a winter like home interior design in Dubai. But how to get that without encountering heat, is the real deal.

An interior design company Dubai brings variety of ideas to make a home what client asks for, or to design a home in a unique way to enjoy all four seasons. There are seven of the best winter trends that interior design companies follow to set a winter inspired home.

1.Winter Wall Art

You must love that room with a nice view of snow fall covering trees and everything in your surroundings. But how can you pretend to get that while living in UAE. No worries, as you will find number of interior design companies there to get your home a winter wall art. You can get an eye pleasing view of snow paradise right on your wall creating an illusion of winter.


2.Cozy Floor Rugs

Without floor rug, you cannot think of a winter inspired home interior design. A cozy rug adds in beauty of a home but while selecting a rug, don’t get those striking patters that seem more like for spring. Choose pastel tones like peach, brown and neutrals. An interior design company in UAE can get you a wild floor rug such as faux animal rugs of leopard or zebra. These soft rugs make your drawing room more of winter inspired.


3.Warm Plush Sofa

A warm plush sofa is the best winter trend for those looking for a perfect winter inspired interior design. They are now available in variety of prints, fabric textures and designs to add warmth in a home. Though you must not need that due to rising temperature of Dubai but you can add that to an air conditioned chilling room to sit and enjoy chit chat.


4.Wooden Cabinets

Wood is the best texture to set a winter like interior design, just like wooden walls and wooden floor, an interior design company Dubai creates a winter feel by placing a wooden cabinet in your home. It appeals eyes for its warm color tone and love for winter. Wood goes best with winter and so as you can get for your home interior design.



Fireplace is the ultimate winter trend that not only keeps the environment warm but adds classic elegance as well. In Dubai, real fireplace is added in cold nights only, whereas so many decorative fireplaces are available to make a home more charismatic. Interior design companies bring you variety of ideas to get a fireplace in your home and its unique styles.


6.Lighting & Candles

To get a magical winter ambiance of your home, an interior design company will help you to set that by using different lights. The love for candles is eternal for winter, but that you can do in nights or by arranging a candle light dinner. Adding lights set mood for your home that an interior design company Dubai knows better.


7.Decorative Items

Nevertheless, decorative items and accessories are the highly followed winter trend all around the globe. Accessories do not affect your home temperature but set a seasonal interior design. Painted conifers in white, silver and mercury jars, reindeer on table decoration piece and many like that.


Interior design company in UAE, Crux Interiors is known for creating exceptional interior designs for a home that includes interior designing for different occasions as well as for summer or winter. It follows latest interior designing trends to make a home best for its dwellers.

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