Car modification is a popular pastime in many countries. We should be able to modify our car based on our own unique touches and preferences. As an example, we could make many cosmetic modification that can make our car unique compared to others. Most of the time, modification is intended to make our car look better visually. In general, car modification project should be simple and if possible, reversible. Parts should be available freely from stores, such as Momo rims, Janspeed exhausts, Spax suspension, race harnesses, Corbeau race seats, light alloy pedals, body kits and various steering wheels.

A popular choice is by acquiring a new set of wheels for our car. There are many alloy wheels styles that we could choose. Windows tinting is another easy way to modify our car. Tinted windows serve a functional purpose and it can keep the glare in a bright day from interfering with our sight. However, we should be aware that tinting won’t make it difficult for us to see other cars and objects, especially at night with no external illumination. Many people prefer to enhance the audio system and there are many options to do this, such as adding multi CD changers, MP3 stereos and iPod Car Adapter kits.

There are many ways to enhance the internal navigation system our car. Available systems in the market include Pioneer, Garmin, TomTom and Motevo. There are literally hundreds of GPS navigation and satellite systems in the market. We should be aware of other systems that can also be compatible to marine uses and motorcycles. Whatever models we use, we should make sure that it has decent control chip and sizable internal memory to make sure that the system will work smoothly. The last thing we want to get is inaccurate fix and slow loading.

Many GPS equipments have built-in touch systems; however, we should be wary of those older models that require stylus. New GPS systems should have capacitive touchscreen models that can make it easier to use them while driving. Security is another thing that can be enhanced while we are modifying the car. In this case, we should contact our car insurance company to find our things that we could improve to lower our premium. In this case, car modification system could help us to save money. Clifford, Tracker and Viper provide various car security systems.

There are ways we could to make our cars look sportier without spending a fortune. As an example, we could fit racing mesh at the front bumped. This should improve the look of our car and the airflow around the engine could become more improved. One way to customize our card is by doing the eyebrow extensions. These extensions are typically plastic and they could be fitted to the head lamps of our car. There are many color options for these extensions and they are quite affordable. A more complex enhancement is to map our car engine to boost its performance further.

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