Does the décor in your bedroom fill you with boredom? Is it sending you to sleep for all the wrong reasons? If so, it is time for a floor to ceiling makeover that re-energises the space. Read on for ideas and tips about steps you can take to re-invent the bedroom in your home…

When an interior scheme becomes stale and dated it has a negative effect on those using the room. And when the room in question happens to be the bedroom, this is bad news. We spend an awful lot of our time in our bedrooms (in bed mostly), so it makes sense that we should focus on creating a space that has a positive energy and an uplifting atmosphere.

Boring Bedroom Reversal Tips

Shade Selection

The colour scheme you choose in a bedroom has an enormous influence on how you feel. Dark, sombre shades will suck the light out of a room and whilst they are good for promoting feelings of warmth and cosiness, they can sometimes be a little depressing. If you are a fan of deep, rich colours, it is still possible to use them, but consider employing rich shades in accessories such as bedding, drapes, cushions and rugs – and leaving walls and larger expanses in paler shades that will reflect light. Selecting a pastel shade that has a strong hint of another colour is a good option for bedrooms – whites with a hint of yellow or green look great when tied in with furnishings and accessories in the room, creating a unified, pulled together feeling of complete harmony.

Bed thoughts

At the heart of the bedroom lies the most important piece of furniture – the bed. Considering that the average person spends a third of their life tucked up in bed, it doesn’t seem excessive to want to make the whole ‘in bed’ experience one of ultimate comfort and pleasure. A well constructed and supportive mattress is the minimum we should demand of our sleeping arrangements. And the bedding we choose to adorn our beds is key to our experience when we slip between the sheets. No longer do we have to be content with scratchy, unpleasant sheets made from synthetic mixtures of inferior quality. Natural materials such as 100 per cent cotton and bamboo cotton sheets are gaining in popularity due to their high levels or comfort. Products such as bamboo cotton sheets have other important qualities such as inherent anti-fungal properties and enhanced moisture wicking and breathability that makes them top choice for those seeking ultimate comfort as they slumber. Bamboo is a sustainable, fast growing product that requires no pesticides or fertilisers to grow, resulting in a pure and clean organic material. The softness of the cotton against your skin and its good environmental credentials mean you won’t be losing sleep when wrapped in bamboo cotton sheets.

Top off your bed with a zingy new duvet set or cover to bring colour and interest to the room, or if you prefer, choose neutral colours and accessorize with jewel shaded cushions and throws for pops of colour.

Clutter Clues

A calm and restful bedroom is one that is clear of clutter. Put some thought into the storage solutions that can transform your bedroom from a shoe-strewn mess into a harmonious and clear space that promotes feelings of well-being and serenity. Built-in wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, curtains, under bed storage, bookshelves, cabinets, raised platform beds or mezzanines – all these can have the effect of creating extra space.

Action with Accessories

Clear out old nick-knacks, pictures and accessories and replace with new, interesting pieces that give the room a new focus. A stylish bedside lamp, a pretty vase or a collection of newly framed prints can breathe fresh life into over-familiar places. An ornate chandelier suspended from the ceiling, a bright floor rug or a large fern placed in a handsome urn are all quick and easy ways of introducing new elements to a lack lustre bedroom.

The illusion of space in smaller rooms can be created with the clever use of mirrors. Any dark alcoves or corners can be illuminated with mirrors – another good tip is to place mirrors opposite or adjacent to windows to reflect natural light back into the room.

So with a lick of paint, some fresh accessories, a totally re-vamped bedding strategy and a no mercy approach to clutter, a boring bedroom can become a blast. When it’s so easy, there really is no excuse not to get stuck in – so what’s stopping you?

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