Getting the most out of any house extension starts with planning and preparation. You should be clear about what you are trying to achieve since you don’t get a second chance at it. So you must understand what you want from your home. Professionals normally come in handy to help you make these decisions. They normally help in matters like layout, design, finished, orientation, budget, material-types and many more.

Always Remember the Existing Living Areas

What most people think is that the additional space gained is restricted to the footprint of the new home extension. But you should always have the knowledge of the new living space since it can be incorporated into the existing areas. Even if you decide to bring down one wall that divides two rooms, the effect will still be dramatic. You should also consider how the building extension will affect the existing rooms of the house like the natural light.

Good Design

The general look of your home extension is normally determine by the design used. When you go to any home and start looking at gardens and pavements, one thing you will always notice is the design of the extension. The truth is that there are some houses that are too small to afford the full services of an architect or warrant.

So we came up with our architectural design service as a way to give design input at an affordable price. You can never afford not to have design input considering the importance of having it done right. There is a long list of design decision you need to make like roof styles, external finishes, location of the extension, doors, windows, internal finishes, roof lights, the relationship between the house and the garden, integration with the existing house etc.

We also need not forget orientation and light as more people have now become aware of its importance. The detailing of the walls and the position of the windows, doors and roof lights will determine how well you optimize the orientation and natural light.

How To Properly Plan Your House Extension Project

Future Proof Your House Extension

When you hear the term “future Proof”, some of the things that come to mind include thermal performance, U-Values, insulation specification, sustainable materials, etc. that’s exactly what we mean when we suggest you “Future Proof Your Home Extension”. When a Future-Proofing is done comprehensively, it must do the following:

  • Add value to your home especially when you want to sale it
  • Ensure the design allows further development in future
  • Cater for the family and their changing needs

How To Properly Plan Your House Extension Project

Value for Money

Value for money is a very important aspect since a house extension is a significant investment. So you should avoid cutting down on some important items or using cheap materials. Make sure the decisions you make now don’t haunt you in future. When you make wrong ones all in the name of economizing, you will have yourself to blame.

Value for money is all about getting quality product and service at a competitive price. There are things that most homeowners do that cost an awful lot more in the long run like bad workmanship, poorly dug foundation, failure to work to specification, installing ill-fitted windows, poorly insulated walls and bad junction details. So make sure you do things the right way while you still can.

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