Pineapple dices in shot glasses leaving Citrus-Y cuts on your tongue, the Sun skating across the fine horizon, the echoing sound of music and laughter in the distance, and the cool wave that courses over your bare sandy skin – sounds like Summer doesn’t it?

We all love beach parties and some of us are all about pulling out a big mirror for tanning ourselves but most of us don’t want to get sunburnt. We all hate lathering grimy sunscreen lotion all over us but there are so many benefits and so much protection that sunscreen is providing.

Here are 8 reasons why sunscreen is important so that you’re equipped the next time you’re on the hot beach:

1. Decreases your risk of developing cancer.

Sunscreen doesn’t necessarily need to be used when it’s hot outside. You can use it while it’s raining too because it exponentially decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. This holds true for the deadliest kind; melanoma, which in the past decade (2008-2018) has increased by 53%.

2. It keeps you looking young.

Fun fact: The primary cause of premature aging of the face is ultraviolet exposure. However, if you use sunscreen, you can slow down the development of wrinkles and leathery skin.

3. Sunscreen keeps your skin tone even.

It also keeps away facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

4. The ozone layer is depleting.

The ozone layer is something we all read as kids in our science textbooks but it wasn’t just a fun lesson. Its role is to protect the Earth from absorbing harmful UVB rays before they have the chance to make it to the ground. Because the ozone layer is immensely depleted now, your body needs more protection from the rays.

5. Wearing sunscreen sets an example for your children.

Children have fragile skin so by the time they’re 18, they’ll have to spend a lot of time in the sun. Protect them, make their safety a priority.

6. Sunscreen is important for all skin types.

It’s not about if you burn quickly, because damage from the sun rays last a lifetime even if sunburn happens immediately. Sunburn can affect both people with light skin or dark skin but it’s more prevalent in light-skinned people.

The availability of sunscreen is very convenient now and there are so many sunscreen options to go for. Bu Brands provides the best kinds of sunscreen lotions and spray and they firmly believe that the ingredients used in the making of the sunscreen are as important. Bu sunscreen offers a variety of sizes, natural scents, and SPF factors so that all family members can feel confident using the best sunscreen for face, body, and anywhere skin is exposed to the radiations of the sun. Their cutting-edge formulas and the ingredients about which they’re absolutely transparent about on their user-friendly website are designed to make sure their customers do not have to even slightly worry about skin damage and have the best time outdoors while wearing sunscreen.

Just make it a habit of reapplying every two hours and after a swim too. As the founders, Jeff & Josie say, “Don’t be shy to reapply”.

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