Entertainers from all around the world serve one true purpose – to entertain their custom audience for that day or night in the best way possible. As easy as it may seem on the surface, the truth is that it requires a lot of research, hard work, and perseverance. In fact, entertainers often have a lot of competition within their own circle and may today it requires more skill than ever to keep a crowd on your side. Every day, there is someone more innovative trying to steal the spotlight.

However, for entertainers who consider music to be their forte, the bar is set much higher. As time passes, music continues to evolve and so does the taste of people. What was once acceptable to a certain generation is “old-school” to the newer one. People now have Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more, and are accustomed to setting their own playlists.

For the modern generations like Millennial and Gen Z, EDM and hard beats are life. This is exactly why there are so many young adults today who inspire to become musicians – specifically DJs. If you’re one of the many youngsters who strive to become a renowned DJ but find yourself caught at a standstill, here are a few steps for you that may help your DJ journey:

Everyone Starts Small

Every famous person has a story that defines his or her path. More often than not, this journey starts small. Therefore, if you find yourself concerned about the fact that you are virtually unknown, there is no need to worry. Start small, be stead, and you will grow over 5 to 10 years. Take smaller and even free shows early on that will lead to much more lucrative shows in the future.

Learn from the Best

Learn from the best professionals like DJ Forrest Houston, who literally started his career right out of high school with very little money, no music, and no equipment. Forrest Mitchell Crump, better known as DJ Forrest Houston, is an American multi-genre, open format DJ, author, entertainer, and influencer who today runs Xceptional DJs and Photo Booth in Houston, Texas, as well as the Principal at FMC Creations Group. His company was launched two decades ago, in 1999, as a small business catering to small private parties and weddings. Today, it provides full-service event experiences and Forrest is known to help other DJs grow and succeed through is book, the Mobile DJ Handbook.

Do Not Take Your Chances for Granted

Every show, gig, or event should be treated with high importance, no matter how big or small. If you turn down events because you think they are too low-key, you will only regret it later on and are missing growth, networking, and growth opportunities. There is always one influencer in any crowd with the ability to send you recurring bookings that pay dividends for a lifetime.

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