Choosing storage is one of the best options when you need to store your belongings. These storages are known to provide a quality solution to all those who are in need of long term or temporary storage facility before, during, and after your move. You will need to make sure to pack, organize, and plan the storage unit so that you don’t lose track of all that you have. It might seem like a minuscule or unimportant thing, but its significance will shine through once you follow these guidelines.

Create a list of all the items you want to store

When you are placing items in the storage unit, it might be difficult to remember whatever you had. There might be large pieces of furniture like beds and sofas, that would be easier to remember, but smaller items like clothes and electronics can easily be forgotten, for years, in the storage. If you want to keep everything straight, you will need to develop and maintain a list of all the items that are stored inside the unit. The best thing is to report each of the items in a spreadsheet. Take photos of all the stored items, which is a great way to keep up with whatever is in your storage unit. If possible use the photos and the labels to make a map of where everything is put.

Store the items inside clear bins instead of cardboard boxes

Though cardboard boxes are completely okay to use in storage units and can be less expensive than plastic bins, the latter is much easier to keep track of contents-wise. They are usually worth the extra buck as compared to opaque cardboard boxes. The transparency of the clear plastic bins makes it possible to see what is inside the container without you having to dig through it. This makes it significantly easier and faster to locate whatever you need.

The items you most frequently use go in the front

There is a high chance that you will store items which you will use much more frequently as compared to the others. Other items you might use during seasonal shifts and so they will go in the back. Though you won’t need all the items every day, you might see yourself making storage unit trips once or twice a month. The belongings you usually reach out for will be the ones in the front in well-labelled boxes.

One storage company you can use is Kennards Self Storage. This Australian family-owned business is headquartered in Australia and is one of the first-ever self storage businesses. They operate in nearly 100 locations within Australia and New Zealand, and they also recommend storage options in the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Singapore. There are ‘currently another 9 locations under planning. They are a member of the Self Storage Association of Australia, Self Storage Association, and Family business Australia. In 2015 their New South Wales office won best workplace design award when it transformed its warehouse shell into a sophisticated work and meetings region.

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