Landlords can make a good yearly income by renting out their properties. Some landlords manage part-time, some manage full-time, but both experience the financial benefits of tax breaks, a flexible schedule, and the numerous rent payments coming in each month. There are many jobs that allow you to work for yourself, but consider these advantages to becoming a landlord.

Rent Income

One of the biggest advantages of property management is the rent income. While a landlord has to work on the properties he or she owns, he or she can expect a monthly paycheck for each unit rented. Prospective landlords should keep in mind that most units will lose a month or two of rent when tenants transition, and each unit will cost several hundred dollars in repairs from time to time. Landlords are responsible for replacing broken appliances and keeping all heating and cooling systems working. If the utilities are included in the rent, the landlord also has to subtract those costs from their total profit. Finally, the occasional unreliable tenant could result in a month or two of lost income. Landlords should take advantage of a free tenant screening to ensure their tenants are trustworthy before they rent, but they should be prepared for the odd disaster.

Tax Benefits

A landlord typically qualifies for several tax benefits. As a landlord, you’re allowed to make several tax deductions every year. Buy-to-let mortgages tend to be more expensive than standard mortgages, and your rental income is all taxable. As a landlord, you’d want to take every take break you could get, but thankfully, you’d get a lot of them. As a landlord, you could expect deductions for:

  • Replacing furniture
  • Accounting
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Repainting
  • General wear and tear

Not every self-made business is allowed these same tax considerations, making the landlord business an advantageous one.

Being Your Own Boss

When you work as a landlord, you are your own boss. You don’t have to answer to a supervisor, deal with unrealistic expectations, or put up with a toxic work culture. Instead, you call all the shots. Not everyone has a business-oriented mind, but if you do, you can enjoy the benefits of making your own decisions. Being your own boss has its downsides, since there’s no one to blame when things go up in smoke, and you have to rely on yourself when things get tough. Many find the freedom a huge advantage, however.


Speaking of freedom, many landlords also prize the flexible schedule they can work. As a landlord, you’re free to set your own office hours. You may even choose to hire a property manager to handle your properties for you and give you greater independence. You can choose not to work weekends, Tuesdays, or evenings. Keep in mind, however, that someone will have to be available for emergency maintenance, and if you’re not, you’ll have to pay someone else to be.

Becoming a landlord comes with many advantages, from a flexible schedule to a nearly-passive source of income. It also comes with challenges and unexpected costs. Many find, however, that the business venture is a worthy one.

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