When tuning up cars, it is also important clean up fuel injector. It can be quite time consuming to disassemble fuel injector, but it is eventually something that we should do. It is important to make sure that injector cleaning task is included in the tune up procedure. We should clean up injectors to achieve peak engine performance, cleaner emissions and higher fuel economy. Dirty fuel injectors won’t be able to deliver proper spray patterns, this will result in reduce engine performance and fuel economy. This can be really costly in the long run. Symptoms like misfires and rough idle may happen when injectors are dirty. It is also important to remove parts if it’s necessary. We may also need to use reliable additive product to clean up the injector. If we neglect, cleaning up the injector, it can eventually be clogged. Deposits happen due to incomplete combustion. Waxy components of gasoline called oilfins are the culprit. When we shut off the engine, clogging will likely to occur. This happens due to heat soak and fuel residue in the nozzle of the injectors starts to evaporate. However, oilfins don’t evaporate and they can tun into hard, baked deposits.

This issue is less likely to happen in newer injectors and we may need to add reliable additives to improve the conditions. A good additive will dissolve deposits found on injector. However, additives may only slow the formation of the deposits and clogging will eventually form. Symptoms of dirty injectors include shakes during idle condition. There could also be misfire and stall. Engine performance and fuel economy will also suffer. When the car is suffering from rough idle, the driver will need to keep extra pressure on the accelerator to prevent the engine from stalling. Cheap gasoline may not contain the necessary additives to prevent clogging on various parts of the car. Over the long haul, cheap gasoline could result in costly maintenance and repair task. It isn’t necessary to purchase expensive, premium gasoline; but we should make sure that it won’t cause clogging. Even partial clogging could start to diminish the overall performance of the engine. It is important to know that we may get limited results with additives if the injector is already heavily clogged. Additives can be added every few months, so injectors can be kept clean and nice.

So, we shouldn’t expect that after using additives, our problem will be solved. If the problem is sever enough, we need to use a cleaner kit for the fuel injector. The fuel injection system will need to be disassembled and all components need to be cleaned properly. However, this is a task that may need to be performed by experts, because some components are difficult to tamper with, because they are quite delicate. It is even better to read reviews about specific brands of fuel. Some types of fuel may cause frequent clogging. It is much easier to prevent the problem by paying an extra few dollars for a full tank, than having clogged injectors and reduced fuel economy.

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