A relation blossoms on trust and love. When trust is broken love diminishes and dies. In todays world trust and faith is confirmed when someone hands over their smartphones to someone without hesitation. And when someone hesitates, it becomes a reason enough for trust violation. In such a case what are the options? One can aggressively demand the possession of the smartphone or the other option is using sms spy android apps.

How To Spy Sms On Android Without Using Phone

What is sms spy app?

Sms spy apps are software developed to track the activities of a particular smartphone or an android phone. These sms spy android apps are so made to track the incoming and outgoing sms as well as calls. Not only that but it also provides the geographical location of the user of the target smartphone.

But these features of sms spy app are useful when one can gain access to the target device, which is usually not possible as people tend to protect their smartphones via codes and passwords to prevent the device from being snooped on. In such cases one can opt to use the sms spy app which does not need the access of the target phone.

Let us have a look at the list for such apps:

Mspy, sms spy : mSpy is the known name in the world of sms spy android software. Apart from being an undetectable app and boosting of host of advanced features, it also has the Geo Fencing feature which enables the user of the spy app to fix boundaries for the target device which when is crossed the user gets immediately notified. To know more one can log on to https://www.mspy.com/text-message-spy.html 

FlexiSPY app for text message spy without phone: Flexispy is a very reliable app for text message spy without phone. As a parent if you looking the best spy app for your child’s protection then this is the app for you. It is enabled with all the basic features of a sms spy android app like

  • Incoming and outgoing sms and call tracking
  • Tracking location of target phone
  • websites accessed by the target phone
  • Multimedia and pictures sent and received by the device via SMS and MMI

The special feature of this app is that makes it stand out from the rest is that the user does not need the access of the target device to use this app. You can also keep a track of the software downloaded in the device and also remotely uninstall the software which may be unsuitable for young children.

DDI utilities to sms spy android app: DDI utilities is an application createed by the DDI software solutions inc. This text message spy without phone is able to spy and track on any device without access to the smartphone. The text message spy without phone apps has been developed and created to operate by starting a connection with the targeted smartphone remotely and then monitoring and tracking it. It then accesses all the data like the messages received and sent, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS locations, and other information from the social networking sites and the multimedia and almost everything possible to the person’s smartphone or computer on a dashboard. With the help of its stealth camera feature one can use the sms spy app to command the target phone to click a photo and it is sent to the person using the sms spy app. Yet another feature which is called ‘listen to surroundings’ helps the user to listen the sounds that are being heard in the surrounding of the target phone.