It is often said that the media plays an influential role in bringing a positive change in the world. This is primarily because a media outlet is responsible for bridging communication between subjects and their rulers. Media houses are responsible for delivering the absolute truth, empowering people to take a stand against any kind of oppression, and promote what is right and good for the people.


In many countries around the world, certain notable people associated with their local media industry are leading with prominent contributions. In Nepal, Prem Baniya, a remarkable journalist who continues to make headlines and is a part of a significant political agenda delivered using the power of mass media.


‘Jaya Swabhiman’ is the most powerful patriotic agenda established in Nepali society created by Prem Baniya. Actually, ‘Jaya Swabhiman’ was a popular TV show in Nepal. Baniya presented so many investigative stories throughout the show. This show became very popular among people who then started following him and his shows. Prem Baniya has also written a book in Nepali titled ‘Jaya Swabhiman.’ The people who loved Nepal and its history and were patriotic, followed ‘Jaya Swabhiman’. This led to Jaya Swabhiman becoming a popular slogan.


When Baniya left the country (for a certain period as he said) people were aggressive with him because of the slogan ‘Jaya Swabhiman!’ He was an aggressive-yet-persuasive TV presenter as well as a patriotic journalist, which is precisely why people were angry with him. The believed that Prem shouldn’t have left the country, anyway.


After a while, Baniya restarted ‘Jaya Swabhiman’, this time from the USA. He has been presenting the stories with ‘Jaya Swabhiman’ from around the world ever since. A few of his initial stories were from Australia, the US, Fiji, and India. He has been trying to connect the people from all over the world to Nepal. As he said, it would be a great patriotic campaign for Nepal. He says thousands of Nepalese people who have been living outside of the country should go back to Nepal for their own dignity (Swabhiman) to make the country prosperous and so they could live happily. Prem tells three ways that can be used to contribute to the motherland. The first is: ‘let’s go back to the motherland’, the second is, ‘investment for motherland’, and the third is, ‘health and education for motherland’.


Prem Baniya dreams that one day in the future, everybody will appreciate his dignity, will be proud of him being a Nepali, and will shout ‘Jaya Swabhiman!’ with pride.


Indeed, the role of Prem Baniya is an important one, especially when it comes to instilling the respective political agenda in the hearts and minds of people. He continues to prove how the power of a journalist remains true in safeguarding the wellbeing of people.

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