Normally, applying makeup and getting ready for all the glitz and glam events you are invited to should be fun, exciting and, above everything else, easy! However, for girls with problematic skin, sensitive eyes or any other problem, these experiences turn into horrid examples of suffering for beauty! Plus, the end result isn’t that good, either – your skin and eyes have a way of telling whether they are suffering underneath all those layers.

How To Apply Makeup If Your Eyes Are Sensitive

Suffering from sensitive eyes is nothing uncommon. So, if you are one of the girls with this problem don’t think you are some kind of an outsider. Eye sensitivity usually happens due to a lot of staring at the computer screen, change in lenses, allergies or simply genetics. However, not everything is lost. Don’t think just because your eyes are watering you won’t be able to wear makeup!

Here are some tips on how to stop with all the crying and yet look as fabulous as ever!

Eye Drops

Eye drops (also called “artificial tear drops”) are probably one of the best medical inventions of all times for all of the people with dry eyes! The texture of these drops keeps your eyes wet so they don’t get ret, irritated and ultimately painful. Usually, it’s recommended you put four of these drops into both of your eyes before bed, every night. However, if your eyes are not always dry, you can use them when needed. For instance, put eye drops half an hour before applying makeup. This will soften the eye and make makeup applying easier!

How To Apply Makeup If Your Eyes Are Sensitive

Look Out for Carmine in the Ingredients

Some ingredients present in makeup are more harmful than others. The ingredient you should particularly watch out for is carmine, especially in product with a pink, purple, or red hue. Its many alternate forms of naming, including red #4, carminic acid, C.I. 75470 or E120 can also be present, so inspect that ingredient list properly.

Despite the fact it’s processed, the carminic acid doesn’t lose the ability to agitate the immune system. It is not common to develop allergies to carmine, but, if you’ve already got sensitive eyes, watch out.

Be Careful with Mascara

Needles to say, but always go with natural products for anything that comes close to eyes. Plus, much of how your eye will react to makeup has to do with the way you apply it. For starters, don’t apply mascara at the root. In order for mascara not to actually touch your skin, leave a little bit of space. This way, your eyes are less likely to start itching.

How To Apply Makeup If Your Eyes Are Sensitive

Avoid Eyeshadows

Sure, you want your eyes sparkling but let’s agree your health should come first. Until your eye sensitivity passes, don’t use eyeshadows. Settle for mascara and that should do. If you really need to put eyeshadow for a particular event, buy organic and test it before the big event. Meaning, try putting it at home a few days before, just to see how your eyes will react.

Consult a Doctor

If your eye sensitivity continues to trouble you, consult a doctor. The problem may be more serious than a wrong makeup brand you’ve been using.

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