Building an excellent reputation is not an easy thing to do. It might take a business many years to build up an excellent reputation. Businesses build an excellent reputation by delivering top-notch service over a considerable period of time. Clients start talking about your business and the good aspects of your business that they have benefited from if said will certainly draw new clients to your business. The reverse is also true. If your business receives downbeat statements, these could cause damage to your reputation. This dynamic is more evident online, as in a lot of cases all that a likely customer can see is some reviews put up on a web site. But how does one know whether any of such reviews online is really legitimate?

Despite the fact that the majority of the reviews that are visible online are possibly legitimate, a company cannot always identify the person writing such reviews or is a person writing is truly a customer and not one of its competitors or any other mean source. In several instances, it will not be possible for the company concerned to see the downbeat reviews for the reason that they are simply too occupied trying to stay even with every single web site, and countering every single review, if at all possible, could be too prolonged.

With demand Force your business know that the reviews are from actual clients

DemandForce  as a company is a firm believer in the principle that the online reputation of a company is its most vital asset. Its product, the SaaS application, makes the job of building, extending and protecting that asset easier for the company. It does this by collecting reviews from their customers and putting them up online and the whole process in automated. Since Demand Force as a company syncs with the work software of all of the companies it serves, it is able to verify that these are reviews of genuine customers of the companies, even for reviews that have been posted without a name. Its does so by matching any review with a tangible visit. This guarantees that true-life figures are being put forward. At last, ahead of posting of the reviews, a business gets a chance to counter in writing, or demand the deletion of a review in case it disobeys the stringent takedown criteria of Demand Force.

Any review having successfully gone through the open review and statement policy filter of Demand Force becomes a “licensed Review”. What that implies is that businesses and customers can have the same amount of faith that such reviews are being supplied by genuine customers of the services of businesses who are clients of  DemandForce. This company is proud of the veracity of its licensed Reviews, and firmly believes that such reviews put in consequential information to the online community.

The demand Force SaaS app is easy to set up

The SaaS app, which creates the bliss of effortless marketing, is very easy to set up and it is a matter of minutes before you can have it set up and observe the results arrive.