Office 365, the widely popular cloud based service from Microsoft has taken the business world by storm, as it has successfully powered businesses of all sizes and types. It has also proven to be highly efficient for law firms, both small and big ones. One of the cornerstones of the Office 365 for Business service’s success is that it makes businesses more efficient than ever. This cloud package has become so successful in a short span of time because of the high level of reliability and consistency it brings in a cloud service for any business. It also brings the high level of efficiency that comes with the MS Office package.

A More Efficient and Successful Law Firm with Office 365

A law firm cannot be successful if it cannot run its processes and operations at their peak efficiency. Office 365 can help you grow your practice, without concern whether you have a small firm, a large firm or you are just starting.

  • Effective document management so that only the authorized personnel have access.
  • Contacts and email management.
  • Text and voice communication.
  • Reducing the overhead costs, which is crucial for the success of a law firm.
  • Syncing your email and calendars to remain on top of the important communication and dates.
  • All the client data and documents can be stored in a central and highly secure location.
  • Maintains high level of data consistency.
  • Collaborate on files and documents from multiple locations.
  • Work from any location and at any time.

When it comes to getting the Office 365 cloud package for your law firm, you should work with a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for through evaluation of your needs. You can purchase the cloud service directly from Microsoft or from a CSP such as

Why get Office 365 from a Microsoft CSP

Whether you are a new law firm or an established practice looking to move onto a more cost-effective and reliable system, it will be best to take advantage of the services offered by a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. When you get Office 365 cloud service directly from Microsoft, you cannot expect an elaborate end-user assistance. There are certain restrictions as to the kind of support you can get when facing any issues. But a well-known and well-established CSP can offer you high quality support, whether it is about adapting to the new system or if you are facing any problems.

Even when looking for the right CSP, you should consider good market reputation. There can be difference in the experiences offered by different CSPs.

Choosing the leading Microsoft CSPs

Apps4Rent is a highly reputed Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider that has a reputation for providing one of the most efficient Office 365 Cloud Packages. There are many reasons why lawyers should purchase the cloud service from them. They offer high quality customer service and support for adapting to Office 365. As a law firm looking to adapt to the advanced cloud package, you should expect complete end-user support and full-cover service. And this CSP can provide you.

Apps4Rent have 24×7 customer support service available through email, phone and live chat. On the other hand, there is limitation to the level of support you can expect when you buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft. Only specific critical issues are covered under phone assistance when you buy directly.

Total Control Over Project Management

Apps4Rent offers much more than the above-mentioned benefits. Lawyers can be some of the busiest professionals, and not much tech-savvy too. But the bundling option from this Tier 1 Microsoft CSP can make project management easier and faster, while improving your practice’ overall efficiency.

There is technical support available as part of the bundling option. All your data is stored securely on the cloud. You can have you FREE SharePoint site setup for your business. It can be used for promoting your practice and project management. It is set on another target site – You can use it for interacting with your clients and staff, for sharing information, collaboration and communication.

You can also have the Free Cloud Project Software like Project Online included in the Office 365 package for high level of efficiency and consistency. When you get your Office 365 package from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, your law practice becomes more efficient and successful.