The transformation of a home does not need a million bucks to make it happen, there are so many DIYs ideas that are very easy to implement out there on the net. However, they should be done according to your taste not just because it’s an off the internet idea.

The beautification of a home depends on your taste, insight and knowledge of interior designing, although most people are likely to hire professionals for this. Nonetheless, there are simple steps one can take that change the outlook of a home, either within a budget or with no money at all.

Transformation does not necessarily mean a total overhaul of everything in the home;it could be a simple change of blinds or an additional plant pot or flowers. Anything that can be added to the home that gives a different look from the previous is a transformation. 

Paint your Home with Cooler Colors

It is advisable to paint your home with cooler colors. Opting for paints with non-heat absorbing shades will reduce the heat generated during summer times. Warmer colors such as shades of red, black, and hues usually absorb heat and when painted in home, will absorb external heat too. To avoid this, make sure to go for shades of white, pastels or any lighter shades to avoid more heat entering home.


There are different types of furniture for the home, arrangements, sizes, colors, and looks can create a huge difference in the home. Do not be limited in your choices, there’s a lot more to choose from.

In conclusion, there is a lot of stuff to do that can change the ambiance of your home, these are only a few and not even the tip of the iceberg. Decisions like changing the throw pillows, hanging paintings, etc can be great in giving your home a fresh new look. Don’t forget to also work within your budget.

Get creative

You can make homemade lamps from empty liquor bottles, use card paper to make different cutouts of animals and things to keep your home decor different and economical.

Once you have completed decorating your home also use small decorative containers and boxes to keep your things sorted. Whether you have a 1Bhk flat or a 2bhk its very easy to use your own imagination and ideas to decorate your home with a variety of paintings, photos that will keep your memories alive, souvenirs which you collect as memories from different places you have traveled.

Ethnic Cushions

You may love colors so why not display this love in your home interiors this festive season. Get pillows with contrasting textures, colors, and patterns, and use several different sizes to add variance. Pillows and Cushions and are the most favorite elements of home interior designers. Hence, this Navratri you can jazz up your sitting area with some cushions with ethnic work. From mirror work to colorful embroidery, every kind. 

Choose lighter fabrics for blinds:

There were times that people opted for heavy blinds to close the window place. They served as a decor that provided the luxury look and makes a home look aesthetically good. On the other side, people forget that use of heavy fabrics would cease the free flow of air inside a home. Thus make sure to use lighter fabrics, especially during summer seasons to let free inflow of air without any hindrance. As an alternative, go for fabrics like linen and cotton that will allow sufficient airflow and have a breezy setting.

 Leave the cabinets open

The latest trend is to display cutlery, crockery, and other valuable decorations, rather than keeping them behind closed doors. This also provides your home with a more welcoming look.

Dark Walls

You may think otherwise, but dark colored walls make the rooms look bigger, and this is also the best way to create a more roomy illusion.

 Use Rugs in the Bathroom

This gives a more luxurious look, and the rug can easily withstand the occasional wet feet, so don’t hesitate to throw one on the cold marble bathroom floor.

 Gold, White and Black

 These are the three colours that you can never go wrong with. So if in doubt, pick one of these and decorate your home in a stylish way!

Change Wall Decors wall decors range from animals to statues, and sculptures which give the home different looks depending on which you go for. It could be minimal or scary or feisty. But these surely changes the look of the home.

Get your own air conditioner

To reduce the temperature of your home by following this simple do it yourself technique. Fill a brass container with ice water and place it under the fan in your living room. This will distribute cold air across the room reducing the heat to a certain extent. To make this look attractive, place artificial flowers in the container to give a feel of an artificial flower vase.

With the scorching heat waves making the livelihood of people difficult, not everybody can afford for an air conditioner in their home. The use of too many air conditioners also spoils the environment to a greater extent. It is always advisable to go greener and choose these ideas to have a cool environment.

Add  Plants  

Create a natural and breezy look with plants and flowers alike. These wonderful creations not only add nature to your home but also bring an explosion of wonderful colors and great scent. Few apartments are adopting unique techniques to inculcate the habit of planting and organic farming. Allocate some area inside your home to practice kitchen gardening which is a popular concept these days. Having saplings inside a home will not only serve as a natural decor but also ensures there is a fresh influx of air. There are certain saplings which help in balancing the temperature of rooms. Certain luxury villas in OMR also offer organic terrace gardening as complementary for their residents.


lighting does not just include the colors of the bulbs. The shapes of the bulb carriers can bring in a form of goodness to your home. Do not be a boring designer, expand your thinking cap, and be creative.

Place an artificial water pools and pond 

There is a greater chance of allocating space for your own artificial water pools and fish ponds in your exteriors. This will greatly reduce the heat generated during the monsoon times and balance the temperature inside your home. You can add Metal Buildings or sheds at the side of the pool for storage and outdoor building. Garages can also use as pool site outdoor shed.

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Amy writes for topics like Home Improvement, Kitchen decor, Garden or travel-related topics additionally; he has a passion for the metal building industry for more than ten years, Amy has become an experienced building specialist in this industry. His goal is to help people with his vast knowledge to assist them with his best suggestions about different Metal Buildings such as Carports, garages, barns, utility buildings, and commercial structures.

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