Since Last few months, Apple is showing interest to invest in India. On last May, 2016, Tim Cook – CEO of Apple, already visited India and announced a development center in Bengaluru. After that Apple already started office in Hyderabad having more than 4000 developer.

Now, it’s another good news for India that Apple decided to start a manufacturing center for iPhone at Bengaluru. And this big news is from the deleted tweet from IT minister of Karnataka State Priyank Kharge. Though it is a deleted tweet, fortunately BuzzFeed News spotted it quickly.

Apple still not confirmed this news but we have to believe in Priyan Kharge just because of the previous reports of The Wall Street Journal. It reported that Apple was in talks with Indian government to explore the possibility of manufacturing products at local level. Apple was planning to manufacture iPhone in Major cities of India as Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru by the end of 2017.

We get more information that Apple had already asked Indian government for more incentives including a 15 years of exemption on custom duty and other things. This will help Apple’s intention to manufacture in India with cutting edge technology Eco system and also supply chain development in the country which help India to compete at global level.

Apple representatives already met Government of Karnataka’s Officials and also had a positive discussion about initiatives to manufacture with collaborations with state Government and other area also. Apple finally decided Bengaluru for manufacturing iPhone which helps the city, state and India also to enhance the reputation worldwide for preferred destination for foreign investment in India.

With this good news, India will be the only third country to assemble iPhones worldwide. This shows the indication of how important the India has become for one of the world’s most valued companies.

We want to inform you more about Apple that Apple already uses fairly and very complex supply chain. The parts of iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod are not manufactured in a single place or only by Apple. These kind of manufacturing is distribute among third party manufacturers across 28 countries all over the world. Apple has total 766 suppliers. Among all 346 are only based on China. 126 are in Japan and 69 are in US. India also have a unit of Flextronics at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu State.

Now, iPhones will be manufactured in India then the price of iPhone will be the talk of the town. As per tech experts Guddy Vyas who is an owner of technology blog, it might have chances to drop price of iPhone in our country and more people can buy it. Apple will get a better chance to compete with premium Android phone makers in India. Apple fan also believes that they can get iPhone from the third party re sellers if it will be manufactured in India.

It’s a finger crossed time for Apple fan from India when they got ‘Made in India’ iPhones.

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