You want a car that is going to turn heads as well as one that is going to be reliable and comfortable. This means that the BMW is a perfect choice.

Used Car Or New Car?

You might automatically want to buy a new BMW, but there are plenty of quality used cars on the market today. Why should you think about getting a used BMW?

  • Used BMWs sold by Sandal BMWare known for their reliability because the car has been built to the highest standards
  • The used BMW has been tested to rigorous standards before it can be sold by a dealership
  • You will have a stylish and comfortable car for less than the price of a brand-new BMW that has just come off the production line
  • You are also reducing your carbon footprint when you choose to buy a second-hand BMW

There is a wide range of choice, and you need to think about your specific needs. This will influence the kind of car that you purchase.

The Different Types Of Used BMW That You Can Purchase

The Estate Car

1) You may need to buy a car that is extremely spacious.

2) This could be for a variety of reasons. You might be entertaining clients or you might have a large family that you need to take on long journeys.

3) An estate BMW could be the car that you are looking for because it is known to be spacious with comfortable seats. A second-hand BMW estate will look just as stylish as a brand-new one and nobody is going to know the difference.


1) An SUV has lots of advantages over smaller cars. You can pack all of your luggage in the back of the car and you are never going to struggle for space.

2) The seats in the SUV are extremely comfortable and the suspension is designed so that you are not going to feel the road as you are travelling.

3) BMW SUVs are built to high standards and they are still going to be running perfectly after clocking up thousands of miles. You can then buy the car second-hand.

The Sport Coupe

1) The sports coupe is a car that is designed for both comfort and driveability.

2) You can buy the car if you need a comfortable vehicle for transporting your family or when you are on a business trip.

3) You will also be able to enjoy the drivability when you take it out on some empty roads at the weekends.


Buying a used BMW is a smart decision because you can buy an iconic car for a fraction of the original cost. You will be able to transport people in comfort. Also, the fuel economy of BMWs is second to none, so you are not going to be using up too much petrol even when you are travelling on long journeys.

Look at several different dealerships before you make the final decision.

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