Going through an injury can be a stressful enough experience. Dealing with the legal system and all its complexities can maximize your anxiety levels. Factor in insurance company policies and you might feel as if you will go crazy. Arm yourself with the facts concerning the value of your personal injury claim. Be honest. Assess your level of fault if you are liable in any way to get the most fair value. Use these tips to gauge the value of your claim.

Income Lost

Your claim’s value is dependent on the amount of money you lost in terms of profits, salary or wages. Being able to easily figure out your income loss and documenting this dollar amount boosts the value of your personal injury claim quickly. Ask for a letter from your employer backed up by personnel records documenting the exact number of hours lost at a set pay rate.

5 Factors That Influence The Value Of A Personal Injury Claim

Quality of Medical Information Regarding the Case

The quality of medical information influences the value of your personal injury claim. A narrative shared by a respected doctor can increase the value significantly. The doctor should explain the nature of your trauma in his or her own words.  The prognosis, treatment and diagnosis should be shared. Demand a detailed, fact-laden narrative to benefit your case.

Correlation of Medical Bills and Your Treatment Records

Document the correlating treatment to the claimed expense. Insurance adjusters can be sticklers when searching for exaggerated or padded claims. Having your paperwork in place can boost the value of your personal injury claim. Medical bills should be related to your injuries and well documented to increase the worth of your claim.

Determine if You Were at Fault

Each person analyzing the case will measure the strength of your claim versus the defendant’s point of view. The jurors, insurance adjustor and your personal injury attorney will weigh out the viewpoint of both parties. Honestly share each fact about the injury. Admit it if you were at fault in any way. The value of your case will increase if the defendant is clearly liable. The value of your case will likely drop if you were in any way at fault concerning the injury.

The Extent, Nature and Severity of Your Injuries

Insurance companies generally place a greater value on some injuries versus others. Injuries which are easily confirmed and documented are valued more highly than other injuries. Injuries which cannot be established by an objective medical test are worth less. Your claim will depend on how easily you can describe the nature of your injury in clear, documented terms. Claims based on mental and emotional pain and suffering, whiplash or a strained back are more vague in nature and hence their claim value would be lower. Suffering from a broken clavicle can net you a larger payout because such injuries are easily documented and verified. Jurors will usually empathize with someone suffering from an easily perceived injury and will not question the severity or legitimacy of such an injury. Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers a variety of legal topics. She recommends visiting www.chicagopersonalinjurylawyer.com if you are looking for malpractice representation in the Chicago area. Photo Credit

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