Although success is subjective, there are a few specific parameters that are common in different definitions of the term. Doing what you love, having the ability and the platform to share your experiences with the world, and taking on challenges to find novel solutions, are some accomplishments that make a person successful by any definition of the term. These are the feats Bob Aubrey has achieved in his career.

Bob was born in 1948 in Iowa. Owing to his interest in people, he studied for his undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy at the University of California. From there he went on to earn a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Paris. Bob also wanted to become an entrepreneur at some point in his life, so he knew that equipping himself to run a business would be necessary, so he did a Master in Business Administration at the Neoma Management School in France.

In France Bob earned a reputation from his consulting and writing as a management thought leader. He helped companies with their workforce and leadership development and set up several corporate universities, including the first Apple University outside the United States. Bob also set up certification programs for companies and for business schools.

Aware that China was undergoing a remarkable effort in human development, Bob decided to move there in 2002.  He began teaching in different MBA programs at Tsinghua University and Peking University but maintained his position in France as Professor of Personal Development and Leadership at the Kedge business school. He also taught as a visiting professor in several universities in Asia, including the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Monash University in Australia.

He had long thought of establishing his own company and in 2002 created Metizo which was specialized personal development and leadership development. His hard work and vision allowed him to expand his venture. Within 5 years Metizo had opened offices in France, Singapore, and China. Today, Bob works a with multinationals and Asian companies as consultant, mentor and advisor at Bob Aubrey Associates PTE LTD. He also works pro bono with several NGOs.

Lastly, Bob is a respected writer in the field of human development.  To date, he has published 10 books, all of which have received recognition globally. To put it in a nutshell, Bob has been able to enjoy a successful career by pursuing what he calls “the enterprise of self “. He’s done everything from building human development in organizations to drafting novel ways of measuring individual development at work.

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