Instagram is the world’s most popular photo-sharing application, and it is a massive marketing platform for companies and individuals alike. Now, there are hundreds of individuals that use social media in order to share their views and opinions, and to put up pictures as well. Today, if you want to become fitter and want to develop a deeper understanding of your health, you really can’t ignore Instagram. Because it’s such a popular tool, you can find pictures from individuals from all over the globe, making it one of the best choices for people who really want to stay ahead of the trend.

However, there’s quite a few accounts on Instagram, and that means it’s difficult for an individual to know which one to follow. One of the best Insta accounts that you should check out belongs to Valerie Grand (valeriesaprincess). Valerie Grand is a Swiss Instagram influencer, a content creator and a social media marketer with quite a following. She has more than 100,000 followers, and her page has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months.

The reason? She shares excellent content of the highest quality, and never disappoints. Want to know the latest trends in the health and fitness industry? She’s the person you go to. Here are a few reasons why her Insta account is one of the best in the business.

Quality Photos

The quality of the photos that one share has a very strong relation with the kind of followers they get. If you are serious about promoting your Instagram, you need to invest in a high-quality camera that gives you high res pictures. It’s one of the most important things since poor quality photography is really a no-no in the Insta landscape. Thankfully, Valerie has some of the best photographers working for her. In fact, many of her photos are taken by her husband only, and she uses an excellent camera to take pictures. You can really see quality oozing out of her photos, and that is one of the key things that makes her account so popular.

The Latest Trends

The world of fitness is ever-changing and it’s incredibly dynamic, with new diets coming up. If you are posting photos of a similar nature or the same diets from time to time, it won’t take long before people get bored and decide to look for other channels. But, one of the main reasons why Valerie has still remained relevant is because she continuously changes the game and comes up with something new, like an ardent vegan following. Grand was born in Geneva, Switzerland, leading an active life from an early age. She played tennis and golf when she was young. Through the passage of time, she developed a passion for a healthy life. Grand leads a healthy life by consuming a plant-based diet and working out regularly.

Prior to becoming an Instagram influencer, she worked as a receptionist at her parents’ hotel. Later, Grand decided to pursue a career as a social media influencer. Today, Grand has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. She is fluent in English, French, and German, which allows her to enjoy a diverse fanbase.

Currently, Grand is in the middle of making partnerships with other brands and also plans to create her own collection by the end of this year. Even though she has numerous marketing partnerships, she doesn’t stuff her pictures with paid sponsorships, instead of maintaining a decent balance. Perhaps these factors contribute to her success, as people are able to relate to her more and more.

Lifestyle Updates

Instead of simply making a boring Insta feed, Valerie makes sure that she connects with her fans on a personal level. She is constantly replying to comments and makes sure that people are able to connect with her. This is arguably one of the main reasons why she is so popular; she is incredibly humble and down to earth and has created a loyal base of fans.

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