During an external certification audit, the auditor will verify that the organization and its documents meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, etc. Usually, one or more auditors will visit the organization to verify compliance, although some may do so remotely.

Tips to make the most of the external certification audit

Involve workers

It is essential that workers understand the importance of approving the external certification audit. To do this, we recommend that all results of internal audits, indicators, findings found, and corrective actions implemented to overcome them be communicated to everyone in a simple way.

It is important to talk about weaknesses and what needs improvement, but also to highlight the strengths of the system and emphasize the importance of participation and commitment of each of them in achieving the ultimate goal.

Prepare process managers

Those responsible for processes must be prepared in relation to the attitude and manner of acting before the auditors. Some professionals do not know how to act in front of the auditor. They get nervous and end up making mistakes in very basic things.

Of course, the concept is not to hide evidence from the auditor. At this stage of the project, your secure organization is ready to obtain certification. The representatives of the Senior Management or the professionals responsible for the Management System should guide all auditees in all areas, explaining that there is no reason for nervousness because everyone works according to the rules and the procedures implemented.

Identify and solve problems

One of the benefits of obtaining the ISO certification is that it promotes agility within the work teams, especially when it comes to identifying potential problems and notifying those responsible.

These problems that affect the operation of the Management System are known as “nonconformities,” and occur when there is a difference between the documented and the experienced process. Identifying these problems in a timely manner means acting quickly, finding the root of the problem and solving it through effective corrective action. One of the major audit firms in London, Parker Russell International, offers a full suite of advisory, tax, and auditing services. They have a broad team of experts, with Jason Parker serving as the President and the CEO, and Augusto Navarro as the Deputy President. Their operations are spread globally, including the USA, the UK, and several parts of Europe.

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