Carpets add a royal look to the room. But to maintain the carpet is a difficult task. It is not easy to wash carpets every now and then. Thus, a carpet should be washed occasionally. Carpet can become very smelly. Also, if things fall on the carpet it results in stains and spots which are difficult to remove. Anything dropped on the carpet collects there, dries and saturates. To avoid all this a little effort, the right style of cleaning and the right kind of solution should be used.

In order to avoid collection of dust on the carpet one must ensure the use of door mats and shoe scrapers on the entrance. Also the flooring surrounding the carpet area should be kept clean to avoid the collection of dust on the carpet.

One must always be careful about the style of cleaning that is adopted to clean the carpet. Always dab the cloth over the region rather than rubbing it, as rubbing makes the fibers of the carpet weak and the area begins to look worn out. You could keep a cloth on the region and put some heavy weight over it.

Carpet Cleaning- Mission Almost Impossible

If some oily food falls on the carpet, it results in a bad stain that is difficult to get rid of. To get rid of this, one can make use of talcum powder, baking soda, or corn starch. Sprinkle the powder on the area and it has to be left overnight. Then dab the powder or vacuum it. Still, if there is some stain left behind, the dish washing solution can be used.

If a baby or any pet in the house urinates on the carpet the first thing one would do is to soak it in water. However, there are many other new methods by which it can be cleaned in a much better way. The solution named PAWS or Bio-Ox can be used. This solution has to be put on the infected area. Rubbing must however be avoided. When you use these solutions, only dabbing has to be done in around 30 seconds. If the carpet still is not devoid of the odor and the stain, you need to call professional carpet cleaners. Usage of baking soda also frees the area of the stain and the smell. You could also get rid of the stain by dampening the place, sprinkling baking soda, and letting it dry. The same method can be used to get rid of the milk stains.

Any kind of coffee or tea stain is easy to remove. However, you need to do something about it instantly. You could dab the place with vinegar or club soda. However, if this is left for a long period of time, then it becomes very difficult to remove it. Also, the stain of chocolate syrup and any kind of soft drink can be removed in the same way by dabbing the region with the vinegar and blotting it till the stain is not removed. Vinegar and lemon are very helpful in removing the rust marks from the carpet. Any solution containing oxalic acid will remove the rust mark.