Garage doors have become the centerpieces of every house façade. They complement and enhance the beauty of any home, in addition to serving a very practical purpose.

But with such a vast selection available, how can you determine which garage door is the best?

This article aims to guide you through the process, and explain the differences between the most commonly used materials. In fact, there is no ideal choice, as each type of door has certain advantages and drawbacks. You must take these into account, and consider which material is better suited for the local climate, economic status, and aesthetic expectations. After all, balancing beauty and utility has always been a homeowner’s greatest challenge.

Steel Doors

Choosing The Best Garage Door

Steel is a durable and prolific material, offering a large amount of diversity and adaptability. Customers can choose between countless finishes and design styles. The only considerable drawback is the threat of rust, especially if your door is scratched. This type of door is ideal for those who live in dryer climates, where humidity is not a problem.

Aluminum Doors

Choosing The Best Garage Door1

An aluminum frame lacks the durability and rigidity of steel, and is very easy to dent. Garage door repair can prove quite costly.

However, it maintains the broad spectrum of customization options. In addition, it does not rust, making it perfect for those who live in areas where the air is humid or salty.

It is less cumbersome on your opening mechanism, due to its lightweight structure. Those with manual opening mechanisms and overhead door springs can definitely appreciate the value of aluminum.

Wood Doors

Choosing The Best Garage Door

Wood garage doors are arguably the best looking, as nothing can match their appeal. The drawback is that wood can require a ton of maintenance, with regular staining or painting sessions.

Cost effectiveness if not a strong point, considering that overlays and veneers can mimic the look, at only a fraction of the cost.

PVC and Fiberglass Overlay

Choosing The Best Garage Door

These doors will outlast all others, given their durable nature. However, blunt force can crack PVC garage doors, while metal doors simply dent.

Their availability is somewhat limited, considering that these materials are newer to the market. Although PVC and Fiberglass overlay garage doors can be more expensive than their metal counterparts, are still cheaper than solid wood.

DIY installation is strongly discouraged, and it should be left to our experts.

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