Google periodically applies algorithmic changes and this often affects many websites. They could lose ranking and this will result in drastic drops in web traffic. Many businesses are still relying on traffic from Google. However, many content-based websites could better survive algorithmic changes, because users tend to look for new content from websites that they visit regularly. It’s no fun being penalized by Google. Unfortunately, getting back to our original ranking could feel like an uphill struggle. In this case, we should know what an algorithm change is and why it could affect our website. Regardless of these drastic changes, many website owners can’t afford to abandon Google, because readers are still using it when searching for information, products and services.

How to Survive a Major Google Algorithm Update

Google offers high quality results due to its sophisticated algorithmic structure. Google makes sure that its results have high quality and relevant. For this reason, Internet users maintain their faith in the search engine and they continue to use its service. Algorithm changes only affect webmasters and this could be caused by over optimizing. They could abuse Google guidelines and build spammy back links. An algorithm update is often used to identify websites that game the system. Google are ranking millions of websites and many of them are based on less legitimate SEO practices. We should be aware that algorithmic update isn’t a manual procedure. The update is performed automatically and websites are assessed for their legitimacy.

On the other hand, some websites seem to survive the update and they continue to retain their search engine rank. Their websites continue to be indexed and crawled. We should get latest information about changes in Google’s algorithm and if we start to see big drops in organic ranking and traffic, then we could be affected by algorithmic changes. If we could confirm that our website has been penalized and we should know whether we have done things properly. This could happen because Google is still the common source of traffic, so it is imperative that we are able to re-establish our position. But, before the next update strikes, it is better to improve our situation and we should make sure that we can withstand the storm.

We should know that content-rich website could better able to survive such a drastic update. Even if we are focused on selling products and services, it is a good idea to add content regularly that people are interested in. This will ensure that we will still retain many loyal readers although our website ranking has dropped due to some reasons. Also, we should make sure that we haven’t gamed Google’s system. As an example, link exchanges are generally forbidden because they don’t represent real, natural linking. We should make sure that all Google’s rules have been properly implemented. We should also tidy up our website, such as cleaning up overused meta tags, link title tags and alt tags. Make sure that all pages have outbound links only to relevant websites in our industry.

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