Local Records Office is not your typical online company, the Local Records Office has been in business since the early 1990’s filling in the gap that real estate agents and brokers leave with between the new homebuyer, how you ask?  For many years potential homebuyers have been wanting more information about a specific property but this data was always limited, too expensive or hard to obtain.

The Local Records Office team has been getting calls and emails from customers about a similar service that many think it might be a scam or fraudulent related. These types of services from unknown sources can be risky and may lead to fraudulent cases.

Scam Artist try to Mimic the Local Records Office

There have been cases in the past that some online companies go as far as to sound and look just like Local Records Office, some examples are Local County Records, County Local Records, Records Local Offices and many more.

New homeowners need to be aware of the risks and know that if the letter that has been sent to them doesn’t have “Local Records Office” and the phone number “1 (800) 790-0721” it’s most likely a fake.

Attorney Generals Are Warning New homeowners of Scam Letters

Attorney generals across the United States are warning new homebuyers and current homebuyers who recently have recently refinanced that there might be a possibility that the fraudulent scam companies might flood your mailbox, most attorneys generals also added that the ‘Local Records Office’ has been cleared, is not one of them and is safe to purchase from.

Scam letters are sent from various locations to new homebuyers but when the homebuyer sends in the payment the report and or documents never arrive, this is a classic scam that has been going on since the rise of the Internet.

Property Profile Report Isn’t Your Ordinary Property Report

As soon as you open a property report packet from Local Records Office you see that a lot of time has been taken to complete it, these are some of the details you will find:

  • Property report
  • Neighborhood statistics
  • Teacher-to-student ratio
  • Demographics
  • Foreclosure activity
  • Property report
  • Real value
  • And even a copy of your deed

The few so-called reports we found online were half of what Local Records Office offers, most are outdated and only provide information that goes back 5 to 10 years. For some homeowners 5 to 10 years is ok but for most a lot more history needs to be provided.

Property owners with families are the ones who benefit from this property report the most since the crime report is a crucial asset to the wellbeing of children. This report points out dangerous hot spots to avoid and also the safer areas.

A lot of people don’t know but foreclosures play a big part in a properties value if there are numerous foreclosures in the same block or even neighborhood the property’s value might be affected. For example, if a 3-bedroom house in Los Angeles is selling for $800,000 and in the next year there are 2 foreclosures next-door and across the street, the 3-bedroom house price will decrease to $750,000, $700,000 and in some cases even lower. People who are unaware of this and try to refinance a home will most likely get less than a house that doesn’t have foreclosures nearby.

Another reason why Local Records Office sells property reports like hot cakes is because is the copy of the deed, even though it’s a paper copy that’s not the important thing, what matters is the information that’s on it. There have been instances where the deed had the name of the companies name instead of the buyer(s).  This is a big problem because when it comes time to sell the property the person who’s been paying it off isn’t on the deed, in other instances homeowners have come across problems because of a simple name misspelling.

Demographics is so important to purchasing a home that this should be number one on the list. Demographics play a huge part since its neighborhoods population may cause problems with schools and other day-to-day cases.

Teacher-to-student ratio is important too because parents want their kids to have the best education possible but if there isn’t enough teachers for an average 29-32 class room there might be a huge problem. In order for students to achieve in school there needs to be enough educators.

Local Records Office Offers Refunds for Customers Who Change Their Mind

A way that Local Records Office works with customers is to offer refunds for those who purchased the property report 30 days or before, the customer will have to send back the packet that contains the report and a check will be sent to the address provided.  This is a way that Local Records Office tries to gain the trust of new clients and shows that it’s not like the other fraudulent companies.