Autonomous Drive Technology, it is the most trending concept is the automobile industry nowadays. Vehicle engineers and scientists are claiming that future cars can run all by itself without any interaction by the driver. Nissan, the Japanese car making company of high international repute, has stepped forward to give this technology a real-life shape. Driverless cars are the future and Nissan is well-determined to achieve this great challenge.

Nissan Autonomous Technology In 2020

Latest Updates about the Technology

· The Japanese multinational car manufacturer has officially confirmed the news of launching this revolutionary technology.

· Vehicles with autonomous drive will be commercially viable by 2020 and common people will be able to afford this new technology.

· Continuous developments are underway for building the first ever purposefully built driverless car.

· The company has envisioned making this technology available for two generation of vehicles.

The Science behind the Innovation

· Top universities from around the world is directly involved in the developing this technology. Some of the notable names are; MIT, Carnegie, Oxford, Stanford and Tokyo university.

· The company is working very hard to leverage their extensive technical prowess of more than 80 years. Rest assured that this effort will helps immensely on the vehicle design and development of autonomous drive.

· Innovations in the fields of developing new age view monitors, actuators, and advanced artificial intelligence will serve as a strong backdrop to the driverless vehicle concept.

 The Prime Motivation

· This highly innovative technology is still in the research stage. It is an extension of Nissan’s patented safety shield mechanism.

· After producing several semi-autonomous vehicle with 360 degree surveillance system and computer assisted brakes, Nissan is all set to score the big goal with their latest surprise.

· The company’s prime objective will initially be safety for the Nissan owners. In a research, it was found that 93% of the total road accidents in the US are caused due to human errors.

A Big Leap Forward

· This futuristic venture towards producing autonomous car will change the whole scenario of all the current prevalent automobile technologies.

· More manufacturers will start producing driver less cars for their customers.

· It will only lead the future generation towards a highly safe and fast transportation system.

· There are a handful of prospects waiting to get unveiled as soon as the initial reviews hit the news.

Good News for the Consumers

· Future owners of Nissan’s driver less car will get the safest commuting experience.

· The car will come in a realistic price and most of the existing Nissan customers can afford the autonomous car.

· There will be an easy ownership plan for the existing Nissan owners.

· Consumers will be required to submit a provisional driving license application to use an autonomous car. This process will be smoother than today’s license policies.

· Existing customers of Nissan Leaf can upgrade their car to this new technology. It will be a cost effective upgrade according to the official announcement.

· Nissan is targeting the widest spectrum of present car owners.


What was previously unbelievable is a reality today. Nissan’s extended research in producing commercially viable autonomous-drive cars is the next milestone towards a safe and faster driving on the road.

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