Just like your home, your car can become messy over time, and just like your home, your car deserves a proper and thorough clean! There are lots of ways for you to clean your car, and we’ve compiled just a few of the best tips and tricks to get your car sparklingly clean without having to spend a fortune! Read on to find out more!

1) First you should get together everything you’re going to need. The absolute minimum that you’ll need is two buckets, access to a power socket, car wash soap, hosepipe, sponge, a wheel brush, a plastic scrubbing brush and dry cloths.

2) Once you have everything that you’re going to need you can start your cleaning! Try to do this on a mild day without any strong sunlight. If it is a particularly sunny day then try to park your car out of the light, as the sunlight will dry your car faster, making it more likely to leave water marks.

3) Take one of your buckets and fill with water and car wash soap. Make sure you’re adding the right amount of soap per litre to avoid over-using the product and leaving streaks on your car! The other bucket should be filled with plain water without any cleaning agents added.

4) Start by hosing down your car. This will remove any loose dirt and this is a fantastic way to start the cleaning process. You might think it’s going to be better to use a power jet, but this can actually have a negative effect on your paintwork, so stay well clear!

5) Use your sponge and soapy water to start lightly buffing at your car. Never use anything other than a car-cleaning mitt or a sponge, as other cleaning utensils can easily cause scratches on your paintwork!

6) Next take your clean bucket of water and a clean sponge and repeat the previous step. This will get rid of any remaining suds and wipe away any excess dirt or grime.

7) You’ll need to use the hose again for a thorough clean. Make sure you’re getting into all the necessary areas for the thorough clean that your car deserves!

8) Try not to let any part of the car dry during your cleaning process, as this will leave water marks. Keep the car entirely wet with the hose until you’re ready to dry with your cloths or towel. When you’re ready to do this, use circular buffing motions and make sure that every part of the car has been dried thoroughly!

9) The wheels are more than likely going to be the dirtiest part of your car. Use the same soapy mixture and a car brush to thoroughly clean them. This may take a while, but the results will be worth it! Hose the wheels down after you’ve finished to reveal tyres that are as good as new! Use your plastic brush to get deep down into the grooves on your tyres if you find that your wheel brush is ineffective.

10) Hose down the wheels once again to make sure they’re as clean as possible!

11) Once your car has been hand-dried you can apply any car wax that you might want to use. Car wax is great for making your vehicle really shine, and it’s widely available. Follow the instructions carefully to avoiding damaging your paintwork. Article provided by: Experienced carpet and upholstery cleaners in Fulham.

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