Slow cooker can be used as a synonym to fast delicious meal. Not only it is convenient, fast to cook meals but also very cost effective. It reduces the cost of cooking meat too as mostly cheaper cuts of meat are cooked in these cookers. Reason is cheaper cut meats are hard to cook in usual cookers, and slow cooking makes the meat very tender and juicy.

Have You Brought Your New Friend ‘Slow Cooker’ In Your Kitchen Yet?

If you are a working lady, a busy mom with a small baby, or a person love to socialize sitting in garden whole day then slow cooker is a great addition to your kitchen to ensure a yummy home cooked food for your family. The more hectic your lifestyle is the superior these appliances look. While getting ready for a busy day, all you need to do is stir together all the ingredients, put them in the cooker, and it cook delicious meal for your family.

If you have already made up your mind to buy this appliance and now looking to find best slow cooker then you need not worry. There are many online websites where you can order these convenient appliances for your kitchen. However, as there are many variations available, you need to know the important features while ordering one for you. Few of the important features that you can look for include:

Auto Cook

Not all the models have auto cook feature in them. Therefore, look for one with auto cook option. It will save your cooking time and at the same time cook mouthwatering food. The reason is food tastes much better when cooked on slow flame in comparison to those cooked on high flame. One thing you need to know is even auto cook option starts to cook food on high flame for an about an hour and then resumes to cook on low flame. This makes the food very tender including red meats which are difficult to cook in usual pressure cookers.

Low, Medium, and High Setting

There are cookers with fixed setting and there are those which allow changing the setting to low, medium or high as per their needs. When looking for a cooker, make sure it has options to change the settings. Low setting usually takes around ten hours of time to cook and is used mostly to cook red meat. Medium setting is also used to cook hard food including meats but work faster than low setting. High setting is used when you need to cook food faster, used mostly to cook vegetables.


This feature is important when you know that you are going to stay away from kitchen for longer than the time stated to make the recipe. In such cases you can simply put the timer on and the cooker will automatically goes to ‘keep warm’ mode once the food is cooked. You need not worry about food being overcooked or burned.

Other Features

  • Indicator light to indicate if the cooking has been started
  • ‘Keep warm’ setting to avoid drying out of food
  • Longer cord length for easy reach to the power point
  • Dishwasher safe

One thing you will be happy to know that, most of these slow appliances come with easy recipe books. This means you can try these recipes and cook appetizing meals for your family. Happy cooking!

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