Losing hair can be stressful and unfortunately stress adds up to the problem. There are many reasons which may cause hair fall and hair loss. Stress, change in work environment, hormonal disorder, hereditary problems, medication, acute illness, side effects of treatment, pollution, allergic reaction, infection and many others can cause hair loss. Generally, the hair has a life cycle of 3-5 years in which all the hair on the head is replaced by new hair. However, in many cases, the growth of new hair gets affected by different reasons which result in bald patches or complete baldness.

There are two ways to get rid of baldness. The first one is surgical in which hair from hair loss-resistant area are extracted and implanted on the bald patches. It is not only risky but also requires a lot of post surgery care. Those who do not want to go for surgery institutes like Richfeel has non-surgical hair restoration procedures which can bring back the lost charm of natural fully grown hair.

Who can choose the Procedure?

Those who are in the latent stage of baldness and have a big bald patch to cover can choose the procedure.

The Customized Procedure

No two people can have similar scalp and hair condition. This is why the experts at Richfeel follow a proper procedure to ensure best results. They formulate the procedure according to the age, race, skin condition, scalp condition, ethnicity, and thecondition of a bald patch, the condition of remaining hair and many other factors. Apart from that, the procedure also includes the factors like hair style to ensure that the final result suits your appearance.

How is it Done?

Once the experts gather all the details about the patient, they forward the specifications to the International Design Centre. The center then uses all the details to formulate a prototype. To make sure the final product is of the best quality, Richfeel uses high-quality human hair or finest quality synthetic hair from around the world. There are several quality checks which ensure that no details are missed during the manufacturing process.

After the product reaches the facility, the experts perform the final fitting of the product on the bald patch. There are several factors that play a vital role to make sure that the hair looks natural and do not feel like an addition to the bald patch. The hair infused in the system gives an impression of hair growing out of the scalp which adds up to the authenticity.

The experts at Richfeel also provide special shampoos and conditioners to make sure that the system lasts for a longer period of time.

The reviews

The non-surgical hair restoration procedures are famous among the patients. It has the fastest acceptance rate. The system has almost 100% success rate and the patients are happy with the results. In the reviews of hair treatment, most of the patients have mentioned that they have regained the confidence that has been missing from their lives for a long period of time. The system is best suited for both men and women.

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