The increase in population in lakes and coastal water areas has led to congestion and as a consequence, boat lift manufacturers are doubling up their hoist strength and durability in order to satisfy the newfound demands of customers who work on different water levels with their own wave circumstances.

It is because of this that HydroHoist Marine Group’s designs and components of the hydro-pneumatic lifts sport a hot-dipped, galvanized framework of polyethylene tanks. Through this technology, the lifts can withstand the pressure of salt water as well as freshwater. In order to prevent corrosion or erosion of the structure, the tanks push the steel components above the surface of the water while the hoist is in the upwards facing position. There are also hull support pads whose purpose is to prevent corrosion.

Here are the accessories that HydroHoist Marine Group provides which can be of great use to your boating needs:

1. Bow Guide

What the HydroHoist Bow Guide does is that it assists in fixating your boat or PWC while simultaneously protecting your watercraft from injury. However, because of the various kinds of docks and mooring options, the hardware for mounting is not inclusive.

2. Corner Bumper

Going through a choppy sea? Or did your humongous boat get caught in a narrow channel? With the corner bumper, your boat will get premium protection when you are maneuvering in and out of the berth.

3. HydroGuard

The function of the HydroGuard is to make sure that the hull of boat steers clear of damages. The leading component it is made of is molded polyethylene which absorbs the impact when there’s contact.

4. Centering Guides

The purpose of a centering guide is to help in docking the boat and centering the craft over the hoist in such that a way that the lifting is secure and orderly. They are of multiple sizes and constructed in the galvanized steel frame.

5. Plank Kit

It provides easy access for covering the boat and cleaning the hull. The steel is galvanized so it ensures a strong and safe platform. The engineers designed it in such a way that wide slips can be accommodated to ensure convenience.

6. HydroLocker®

This dock locker is really attractive and is constructed of UV-stabilized polyethylene, prevents corrosion and absorbs impact. It has vandal-resistant hinges installed so that your valuables don’t get robbed.

Not only does HydroHoist Marine Group invest in boating equipment, but it’s very active when it comes to charity. The HydroHoist Marine Groups grants various $1000 college scholarships for the children and employees in Marina Association of Texas (MAT) and Marina Recreation Association (MRA). They’ve been handing out these scholarships for more than 20 years and they are awarded to those in good standing and excelling in their academics. The scholarships are $500 per semester for those students and if you are eligible for it then send an application via email to [email protected]. All applications that have been completed have to be submitted by September 1st.

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