Ah, sneakers. By far, one of the most popular kinds of kicks amongst guys worldwide. They’re stylish, comfortable and despite being super casual, you can wear them with a lot of different outfits. It’s this versatility that’s perhaps the most winning reason men love these shoes. However, it’s also the main reason so many men can mess up wearing them. After all, their sartorial adaptability is not endless. There are some times when sneakers will simply have to sit on the sidelines.

Keep this caution in mind, but don’t let it ruin your love affair with your favorite pair of Chucks. Educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of wearing sneakers, then rock your treads with confidence and sure-fire style.

Don’t: Let Your Shoes Ruin Your Clothes

While you can definitely sport your sneakers with jeans, sweatpants. shorts or chinos, you have to make sure your stylistic planets align. You don’t want to pair high-tops with bell-bottoms, for instance, or skateboarding shoes with your perm-pressed, super conservative golfing pants. While you don’t have to dress all in one style, the styles should at least be complementary.

Do: Immerse Yourself

The only way to really find out what you really love — and what really looks good on you — is to try them on. Don’t buy based on how a pair looked on some celebrity or in a magazine: try them on yourself and see if you like them. See if they are you. You can’t always tell this just by looking. Don’t confine yourself to what you think you like, either: try on a whole bunch of different pairs. Like shirts and pants, sneakers have different silhouettes and some will just jive better with your body and your vibe than others.

Don’t: Fall for the Flop

Nothing ruins a good look quite like loose ends. We’re talking about the flop: when your pants just hang pointlessly above your sneakers. For a more polished, but not high-maintenance look, pinroll your jeans. This will keep them neatly stacked above your sneakers, showcasing your subtle but undeniable commitment to looking sharp.

Do: Invest in the Best

When you find true sneaker love, do anything you can to make it yours. As with anything in life, you get out of it what you put in, so if you want your shoes to look great and last, invest in the best sneakers. They are well worth the extra bit of money, since not only will they keep you street-sharp and looking smart for years longer, but they will make you feel like a total boss  — and this sort of style confidence is something money can’t buy.

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