Dragon Ball Z is the anime show that is the sequel to the Japanese Dragon Ball series. This current show follows Goku on his adventures through his adult life, including the life of his sons Gohan and Goten. Goku is the main fictional character and, along with his companions, seeks to defend the Earth against villains. One of the show’s main qualities and features are the battle powers known as power levels. This is the premise of the culture for Dragon Ball Z, and the analysis and acknowledgement of said levels are a fan favorite.

The warriors of the anime television series increase their power levels depending on the type of training that they have received and their current mood. Their progression throughout the series defines how they become stronger and improve specific techniques. For example, during the first season, Saiyan Saga, Gohan has a power level of 1307 which is much higher than Goku’s Kamehameha of 924. However, the character is enraged in that chapter, and his state increased his overall power level substantially and almost to Piccolo’s level.

During the next episode, when Vegeta and Nappa reach Earth, Piccolo has a power level of 2000. However, because Gohan is fighting with fear, his level is reduced to 900. When he begins to fight, his Ki increases to 1400 and then balloons to 2800 as he is enraged. Since he was trained by Piccolo, he is stronger enraged compared to the previous episode. Characters are able to learn from experience. For example, Goku’s Kaioken is 16,000 and improves his technique in this episode, thus multiplying the Kaiken by 3 and reaching a level of 24,000. At the same time, the character fuses with a Kamehameha, achieving an attacking level of 38,000. But, when Vegeta uses the Galick Cannon attack, Galick’s power level is also 38,000. Ultimately, Goku surpasses Vegeta with a Kaioken that multiplies his powers.

The next episode depicts the continuation of the fight. During this portion of the battle, Vegeta becomes a monkey. Before the transformation, his power level is 14,000. After the conversion, it increases to 110,000, becoming almost eight times stronger than Goku. During this episode, Krillin has a level of 1600 and uses an Energy Bomb attack of 7000 on Vegeta, who is badly injured and with a decreased power of 2000. In Dragon Ball Z, as the battles advance, this is how warriors increase and decrease their powers.

The influence of normal life events also plays a factor in the state of mind and subsequent battle readiness of the characters in the anime show. This is evident in Ginyu’s Saga, where Vegeta’s level is 35,000 because of a lack of sleep for several days. During the episode, Ginyu swaps bodies with Goku. However, his inability to dominate the body causes a decrease in power. Meanwhile, Krillin increases to 26,000 and Gohan to 32,000. The personal interest of each character and the euphoria of the fight positively affect Vegeta, whose power levels reach a value of 200,000.

Goku and Super Saiyan God is the transformation that provides the character with godly ki. This power boost is greater than Super Saiyan 3 or any of the previous versions and requires the use of rituals that involve training or six righteous Saiyans. The overall concept of this is important for the basis of the show. Ultimately, much of the popularity regarding the series revolves around the notion of being the best that a person could be via training, learning, and being your best self. These ideas are taught through the transformation and experiences of the characters in Dragon Ball Z and other anime, thus making the show popular among different age groups.

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