Are you planning to set up your own eCommerce store and don’t have an idea of where to start from? Are you confused in choosing the most reliable and favourable eCommerce platform from all the available options? If yes, then we are here to help you! With this post, you will be guided for what eCommerce platform you must choose along with listing it’s extensive features and its capabilities. So, let’s move further!!

When it comes to set up an eCommerce website, there are a number of platforms that you can choose. Each of them will have guaranteed feature and capabilities as well but just a few of them will deliver the tools that you need for success. By far, the best eCommerce platform developed is the Magento that understands all the basic needs of an eCommerce application. It has been predicted that more than $3.5 trillion are going to be spent online by 2019.

As a result, if you are thinking to establish your own eCommerce site, then this is the right time to be a part of an eCommerce business and enjoy a vast amount of wealth through Magento platforms. You must be thinking what’s so special with Magento that makes it a leading eCommerce platform. So, let us have a sneak peek at the main features of Magento:

Specially designed for eCommerce platforms: Magento platform has been specially tailored in a way to satiate the entire needs of eCommerce platforms. Unlike other platforms that are primarily concerned with content management systems like Joomla, Drupal and many more, the Magento is different from those. The key features of Magento are-

  • User Dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Built-in cross-sell and upsell capabilities
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Advanced shipping and supplier management
  •  CMS option
  •  Newsletters

 SEO friendly:One rule to justify your existence in the online world is to be ranked higher in organic searches of the search engines through different SEO techniques. As a result, Magento offers you SEO friendly environment for your eCommerce business. It offers you several interactive functionalities like creating SEO optimized URLs, URL rewrites, meta tag and meta descriptions, sitemaps and many more. The built-in source code along with different features helps you to save a lot of trouble and time.

 Free to choose your hosting service: The Magento allows you to pick your desirable hosting service that you want. This helps to keep your costs down while offering the flexibility of switching the hosting services in case you run into problems with the existing one.

 Easier to integrate third party apps:It is quite obvious that you wish to make the process simpler just by plugging ready-made apps or plugins while integrating new features in the website. This can be done instead of coding it from the scratch. The extensible API of Magento often allows you to connect with any kind of plugin extremely easy.

 Running multiple websites with one common backend system:Magento offers you the functionality of running multiple websites on just one common backend system. Each of the websites has distinctly different layouts and design as well. Besides that, you can have different domains for each site that can be controlled simultaneously through single unified admin panel and operate multiple niche categories. This is how with one common backend, multiple websites can be operated in Magento.

Final Note: With the above-mentioned features, you must now have understood that why Magento is considered as the best eCommerce platform. Besides that, no other platforms are so advanced as Magento as it fulfills the majority of the desired needs of any of the eCommerce website.

Author’s Bio:

Ryan Holman, working at likes to share his views on different technical aspects. Being more inclined towards technical write-ups, with this post he is sharing about the peak points of Magento that is currently ruling the eCommerce world.