A good photograph of your car can have a decisive impact on a potential buyer and arouse some interest to your ad on the internet. You can check out for instance a selection of Audi cars in Montreal and see that the ads with good photos are viewed much more often. Successful camera angles and visual accents will allow presenting your car in the best possible way to a buyer therefore, we conducted a study and found out what kinds of shooting angles are best when selling a car on the Internet.

Preparing a Vehicle for Shooting

You should start with a thorough preparation. Before taking pictures, go to some services that provide a comprehensive washing and a car cleaning. Believe us, these costs will be compensated in no time. Align the wheel, remove the key from the ignition, set the headrests and air vents on same level, this will create an effect of a “new” car. Try to choose a visually pleasing, neutral background for shooting. Try to take pictures so that there are no strangers or other vehicles on them in order to focus the attention on your car only. The most important shooting angle is the front one at an angle of 45°.

Shooting angles:

– Front view at an angle of 45°

– Left view

– Rear view at an angle of 45°

– Right view

– Engine compartment view

– Trunk view

In our opinion, these are the most advantageous angles when advertising your car on the Internet. However, many sites allow you to upload up to nine pictures, so it is recommended to add 3 more ads focusing on vehicle interior:

– Internal view from the front

– Internal view from the back

– A large picture of a dashboard

Of course, you can try to hide the defects of your car with the help of a photo editor but as experience shows, when examining your car in real life a buyer will see them and hence lose trust in you since you were not completely honest when posting the pictures of the car.

Recommendations for Taking Pictures of the Car

The best time to shoot is considered evening or morning, at this time the sun casts flat shadows and photos become brighter. Also when shooting a car the sun should be behind you. It is also not recommended to photograph your car in the rain or snow, since these pictures are visually unattractive.

You should also take pictures of your car in a landscape (horizontal) mode. Please note that a photographic technique usually does not play a special role, however, if you are using a mobile device, the recommended number of pixels on it should not be less than three.

When shooting you should pay attention to good lighting and be sure that the focus is on your car but not on some BMW 335i going past!

In conclusion, we would say that most of the information people perceive via eyes, which means that the visual aspect plays an important role.

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