Our homes are reflections of our personalities so however we choose to design and decorate them, they will have a lot of ‘us’ in them. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed at home, so interiors that work well on a practical level as well as looking great, are the ideal we should all strive for.
Which Design Will Work Best in Your Home?
Which design style will work best? Take a look at the bare bones of what exists already. Is the space to design and decorate a modern city apartment, a country cottage or a suburban family home? Choose a design style that is going to fit neatly with the shell that surrounds it – chic minimalist lines are likely to be more easily accommodated in a modern home, but try and stay open minded. Some of the most successful interiors evolve when styles mix and merge organically. Take a look at some of the following broader interior design styles for a little inspiration…

Country charm

Style cues for the country charm look are rich and varied. Focus on rustic antique furniture such as walnut armoires, large oak dressers and pine blanket boxes. Walls should be pastel shades of eggshell blue and green, pale lavender and lemon. If wallpaper is desired, go for ornate florals or French flavored Toile de Jouy designs for a more elegant touch. Handmade and craft homewares are really on trend right now and work well in a country styled interior. Source patchwork quilts, knitted throws and crochet cushion covers for folksy appeal, finished off with an enamelware jug of wild roses at the window, framed by pretty gingham drapes. Perfect.

Cool colonial

Sometimes referred to as plantation style, this calm, relaxed interior suits all types of home. Using a pale, muted color palette, furnish in dark leather, rattan or hardwoods, accessorizing with bold, simple pieces such as ceramic urns and metal sculptures. Keep window treatments open and uncluttered by opting for elegant wooden interior shutters. Painted soft white, or stained to reflect wooden flooring, custom made shutters turn a room from mediocre to magnificent.

Mid century modern moods

This look is everywhere right now, from Mad Men on the TV, to retro styled starlets, films and pop music – mid century style is having a revival. The good thing about this interior trend is that mid century modern furniture is easy to find. Yard sales, flea markets and second-hand stores are all good hunting grounds for key pieces, such as teak sideboards, glass coffee tables and shelving. For quality and kudos the Danish and Swedish marques are best. Textiles should be bold and bright, shades of gold; green, teal and terracotta look especially smart on sofas and armchairs. Continue the retro feel by accessorizing with sixties art pottery or bright glass vases by makers such as Whitefriars.
The design that works best in any home is one that successfully marries comfort with style. All three of these interior design moods can look fantastic whilst at the same time functioning as a practical, easy to live in home. So, that’s the inspiration side covered. Now over to you for the decoration and perspiration.

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