This is a big part of your summer experience. Read this article and learn more about Faro travelling. You should take your own pictures and write your own history. There is one place in Algarve that is worth your attention, especially if you like beach vacations. You have to visit Ria Formoza reservation park. It must be included in your beach vacation. Are you interested in possibility to learn this place, combining beach rest and water excursion all together? It must be too attractive to lose a chance!


The capital of Algarve is Faro. If you have enough time, you can meet this city in proper way: learn the city sights, historical monuments. Faro is a big city, counts many hotels, central bus station, railway station, historical center, old districts and city port – the start point of your beach excursion. Nevertheless, the best treasure of this Portuguese city is nature. Cap Ferret - Arcachon - Océan Atlantique - Picture Image Photography

Ria Formoza Reservation Area

Natural Position

The reservation territory starts in Faro, in the very heart of this resort region. The reservation area goes to the East along the ocean side to Tavira. The territory of Ria Formoza looks like the branch of channels that are crossed with numerous little islands of sand and wet ground. The territory goes to the ocean. Nevertheless, it is protected from the ocean winds and big waves with long sandy beaches. As you can see, the water in channels is salty, but warm.

The reservation territory is original and atmospheric. It is full of insects, fish, birds and mollusks inhabitants. There are many kinds of birds. They stop here on the go to the warm countries. The most of these birds stay here to spend winter time. So, you can learn birds in summer and in winter, whatever. This is a unique place to gather lots of living objects all together in their natural conditions. Come and see.


The channels of Faro are always full of different boats and yachts. As a matter of fact, the boating in the channels depends on high and low water. High water is your chance to leave this harbor. It is very important to float out of the harbor, paying attention on different signs and floating lights on your way. In the period of low water, yachting and boating are recommended only for big channels. To get from the yacht to the ground or any interesting point in Ria Formoza you have to use water taxi or táxi maritime. They are always near at hand!



Fishing was always popular activity in the territory of this park. It was prohibited to go fishing in the region of Faro after the reservation area was established. You can meet many industrial buildings in the region of Faro that were stopped and ruined. They are the statement of fishing heritage now. This is better than museum.

Excursion Preferences

There is a port in Faro. It is situated in one of the big channels. This is a good chance to start your excursion right here and right now. Never miss your chance to get the most interesting and natural excursion that you have ever had. You should use your binocular to learn birds on your way. There is a brochure, containing all popular kinds of birds of this area. The information is given in English and Portuguese.

The last excursion is at 6.30 p.m. It usually takes about an hour. Coming here in the day time, you may order more time. Nevertheless, evening excursion is romantic. This is the most pleasant view – 2-3 hours to the sunset. The sun is read and bright.


Do not be afraid. Your skipper knows everything about yachting and boating. It is important to avoid dangerous places. Otherwise, you have to wait for 3-5 hours, waiting for big water. The standard depth of big channel is about 1-1.5 meters.

Interesting Facts

It is interesting to know that park territory is full of mollusks. You can try to catch them all. The wet ground and salty water are attractive conditions for growing scallops and mollusks. As you can see, the process is the following: You should take a big stick and put it into the soft wet ground to find shells. You can gather mollusks into the pot or bucket. That’s it!

There is one more interesting moment about mollusks. The big part of Portuguese farmers incubates mollusks on their areas. They buy a net of small mollusks to sow them in the territory. The ground must be wet. The mollusks get deep into the ground to grow. All you need is waiting for some time and try to dig mollusks.

Praias de Faro

Learning about Faro from the map, you can see that the city is situated on the seacoast. It is very comfortable to find the right place for party here. There is an important moment: looking for the best city to start your journey, hire a car in Faro – this is a chic possibility to learn about port and geography.

Praia do faro (Illas de Arousa, Salnes)

The simple fact: Faro is separated from Iceland by Ria Formoxa. You can get there in special way – by ferry. The beach territory is mostly wet. There are many different restaurants in the beach. They work during the day. You may also take your picnic with you. It is going to be much cheaper than buying food in the restaurants. It usually takes about 30 minutes to get to the beach.

Attention! If the ferry is full of passengers, it starts journey immediately. Of course, it is better to keep the schedule. Nevertheless, there is a nice opportunity to deliver more people to visit Faro beaches during the day. Remember, you have to leave your car on a parking place. As you can see, car is not the best way of transport in Faro, especially if you want to learn city beaches. So, staying in Faro, try to spend at least one day of your trip to visit city channels, beaches and reservation park. Do you like boating?

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