Summer is coming and the beaches are the best places to go to. Now when talking about beaches, one thing comes to mind always, which is resorts. Resorts have the best beaches in the world; moreover, paired with the best beaches in the world are the best accommodations that family hotels provide. Thus, if you are looking for that very memorable vacation that involves beaches go to Europe with your family and book in one of these inclusive family hotels in Europe.

Xanadu Island

Xanadu Island Hotel, Akyarlar, Turkey

Welcome to Xanadu Island! This is the paradise you can find in San Pedro Belize. Its surroundings are filled with multitudes of Flora that you can smell and see to revitalize your stressed nerves from busy life of the city.

In Xanadu Island you are provided with suites that have comfortable beds that you and your family could sleep in. Moreover, the rooms have great patios wherein you can view the endless ocean outside and feel the sea breeze that flash to and fro. The staff of Xanadu Island is excellent with their service as they are always on standby to entertain any complaint. Even what is more excellent with their service is that they are quick in the resolution of any problem you and your family may have.

Another gem that you and your family can do in Xanadu Island is that you can sail around the Island. There is a place called Caye Caulker wherein you can snorkel at its Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley to see the vast virgin underwater world that surrounds Xanadu Island.

Price: $282 USD

Royal Savoy Hotel

hotel royal savoy

When I think of huge rooms I always think of this place in Funchal, Portugal (which is a pretty awesome city, by the way, try renting a car in Funchal in order to explore all it’s nooks and crannies) the Royal Savoy Hotel. Thus, if you plan a vacation with a lot of people, you are better off to spend it here at the Royal Savoy Hotel.

Their rooms are spacious with huge fridges! Moreover, their food are top notch, which means you and your family are guaranteed of very delicious meals served all day. The special that I can recommend is their catch of the day called Sea Bass. These big fishes will surely put smile on your face as their delicious cuisine makes you gnaw for the delicious flavor embedded on their bones.

On the other hand if your interest is otherwise that the food the Royal Savoy Hotel has 2 large pools wherein whole of your family can swim without the scarcity of space! Additionally, what is most special about this place is its view of the Atlantic. I could never stop myself to looking at the sunset whether I was with my family on the patio or at the beaches. The view of the sunset in the Royal Savoy Hotel is the best in Portugal!

Price: $242 USD

Ikos Oceania

Ikos Oceania Resort, 5 Stars luxury hotel in Kassandra - Nea Moudania, Offers, Reviews

Ikos Oceania located in Nea Moudania, Greece. This resort in Greece is the definition of classy. They serve food with wines that are the best in the world. In addition to this fine dining experience, you can eat local and international foods from the various countries of Europe like Italy, France and Spain and even to top it off if you like Asian flavors they serve it too.

Moreover, with the classy definition of Ikos Oceania their rooms are also nothing short of fancy. Their rooms are just great to sleep in. Everyone in your family is provided with foams to provide that good night’s rest in order for you to explore the great reaches of Nea Moudania. In addition to this, when you wake up you are greeted with a magnificent view of Mediterranean Sea, where you eyes could see the sea and the horizon meet at the farthest reaches.

However, if you are not feeling the views because you want adventure well you could kayak and bike around Nea Maudania for free. Yes you can explore the reaches of Nea Maudania by the free kayaks and bikes that Ikos Oceania provides. Next when you are exhausted from the whole day exploration, you are treated to a very entertaining night of Outdoor Evening Entertainment that just relaxes you. In Ikos Oceania you and your family will be rested with class.

Price: $433 USD

Minoa Palace Resort 

Minoa Palace Resort & Spa 5*, Crete Greece

If you are looking for another paradise in Greece wherein you can have the most excellent spa, you can plan your vacation to Minoa Palace Resort. This resort located at PEO Kissamoun Chanion has the best spa in all of Greece. Their masseuses are great with their fingertips in providing you that relaxation that could only be available with massages.

However, spas are not only attributes of this Resort. The resort also boasts very spacious Imperial Rooms which have their own private swimming pools. Moreover, they have memory foams and fridges that are loaded with foods for free! In addition to this the foods that they serve are to die for. Breakfasts are loaded with fresh fruits, cold meats and cereals and variety of hot choices. To top it off what is great about the resort is that you can eat your food at the balcony where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea while you eat.

Price: $664 USD

Iberostar Royal Andalus

Iberostar Royal Andalus

If the vacation that you plan is more on food exploration, well you can try the finest foods at the Iberostar Royal Andalus. This resort located at the Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain that boasts the best first rate food in the neighborhood of Cadiz.

Moreover, what is most striking about this place is its long stretching white beaches. These are the finest and the most pristine beaches in the peninsula Iberica. With white sand that are very pure and fine, you and your family can lie all day at the banks of Iberostar Royal Andalus. Thus, with pristine beaches and wide and the best variety of food available in Spain, who wouldn’t want to stay in Iberostar Royal Andalus.

Price: $332 USD

These are the 5 best all inclusive family hotes in Europe. You are sure that when you and your family will book a reservation in one of these places, you are assured that all of your family will be happy to stay and enjoy their vacation with you.

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