Garages are god’s extra gifts for your home; you have this extra, big space which can be utilized in numerous ways. Park your car (for which a garage was essentially built for), Store those extra boxes of clothes, old books, your tools and etc. Until you get around to actually doing something about it, Dump stuff in or manage it in an organized way.

For people who prefer the latter option, shelving is what they religiously believe in; they want everything tucked inside those shelves with tags and labels. More shelves is definitely, hands down Christmas for an organized person. What’s crucial Is to continuously keep on improving your garage shelving, utilizing that space so that it isn’t a mess and a haphazard.

How To Improve Your Garage Shelving

First things first, always buy or install shelves according to the use you put your garage into, like if you use it as an place to keep your extra stuff which isn’t that big, it is best to invest in shelves that have plenty of compartments and are of equal size, if you park your car and your bikes, shelves that are sturdy and most preferably those that support overhead storage, since after parking your car you have little floor space and more ceiling space ( given that you have high ceilinged garage), another option is wall mount shelving, this is best for keeping things that are light weight, such as tools for gardening (gloves, watering cans), these are movable and adjustable according to your wish.

Next step is to invest in the type of shelves you want, some shelves have options regarding the material and the size, know what kind of stuff you want to store, is it big, heavy and not easy movable? Then you want something along the lines of aluminum and metal, if its light weight then plastic or wood is best, for environment friendly people, plastic is the option and for people having a high budget, custom made wooden shelves are an option.

Another handy tip to remember is that maintenance is a vital step for improvement of garage storage, buying and investing is the easy part, but maintenance is difficult and vital. Keep on adding and at times changing your shelving according to your requirements. Utilize every space in the best possible way, walls and ceilings are your best friends for shelving, these make it possible for extra storage and if handled in a proper way, can be easy to use as well.

If you have the budget, install LED lights in your shelves, that would not only look good, but won’t really cost you much, and even at night looking for your stuff would be easy!

Take measurements, don’t just pop in your hardware store and buy shelves or the materials to make your shelves, if you’re not confident about doing measurements yourself, get a professional to do it for you and get some expert advice from where and what to get.

Happy shelving!

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