In today’s age, there are a lot of competitive multiplayer games that people play actively in the gaming community. Apart from those which are played casually or for fun, there are a few select games that requires players to finesse their skills and become well-trained in order to win. One such game that pushes the boundaries of competitive gaming, is Counter Strike Global Offensive. CSGO is a first-person shooter that requires teams to choose two sides and play for the objective to win. It has included a feature known as CSGO rankings which is designed to classify and segregate players based on their skills and gameplay. As such, there are different skill brackets, each with a rank of their own. Any player in a particular skill bracket or rank can certainly improve their rank by getting better at the game, and winning a sufficient number of matches.

Get Better At CSGO and Increase CSGO Rankings With Practice

Another way of increasing CS GO player rankings is to buy CSGO ranked accounts of a rank one prefers to attain but can’t. Other than that, the only other way of increasing one’s rankings in CSGO in a manner that’s legit, is to practice certain aspects of the game, stop losing and start winning consistently.

Important Aspects of CSGO to Practice and Improve for Better CSGO Rankings:

  • Movement and Maneuverability:

All FPS games require a basic level of skill to move from one section of the map to another. CSGO requires every player to know how to quickly maneuver themselves around the map, and reach essential locations as quickly as possible. To that end, it is important to know how to strafe, how to run faster with a knife, and how to climb or drop to advantageous positions. This way, any aspiring CSGO player will be able to quickly escape or infiltrate a bombsite, depending on the situation.

  • Learn Counter-Strafing:

In CSGO, the weapons ballistics is such that if anyone shoots while moving, the bullet will not be accurate in the slightest. This is why if anyone shoots after letting go of any direction key, their first few bullets are inaccurate since they come to a complete halt after a brief duration. In order to be able to shoot accurately on demand, it is important to learn how to counter-strafe. It is done by pressing the opposite directional button of which a person is moving. This will completely stop any player instantly on demand, allowing them to get the first shot with accuracy.

  • Learn to Use Pistols Properly:

Pistols in CSGO are secondary weapons which are seldom used by any player in any situation as and when required. However, it is important for a player to be able to get a kill and come out on top those few moments they are forced to. Namely speaking, it is important to use Pistols in the first round, in eco rounds and when out of ammo in a firefight. If one is to improve their CSGO rankings, they must know which pistol to use in which situation, and soon they will be able killing players with far-better weapons and equipments in moments.

Apart from this, there are various other aspects of the game each player should pay attention to and improve. They should learn how to control their recoil, to be able to thrown grenades, smokes and flashes on point, to be able to hold critical positions for either defending or retaking a bombsite and more. This would enable them to win consistently and send their CS GO player rankings soaring. If these methods don’t work, one can always opt for buying CSGO ranked accounts and attain a desirable rank almost instantly.